ZTE ’s net profit for the first three quarters increased by 132.44% year-on-year, and hundreds of millions of stock options were issued

July 30, 2020

ZTE Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "ZTE", "Company") announced its results for the three quarters ended September 30, 2013. The report shows that from January to September 2013, ZTE ’s operating income was 54.659 billion yuan, a decrease of 10% year-on-year, and net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 552 million yuan, an increase of 132.44% year-on-year. Yuan Renminbi, consistent with the forecast range previously announced. ZTE expects to turn losses into profits in 2013.

The company has increased its efforts to control expenses, and the three expenses of research and development, sales and management have been effectively controlled. Net profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses in a single quarter is positive.

Table 1 (100 million yuan)

ZTE ’s net profit for the first three quarters increased by 132.44% year-on-year, and hundreds of millions of stock options were issued

The company's operating cash flow situation achieved the first quarter of the third quarter for the first time in the past six years (see Table 2), reflecting the company's continued efforts to strengthen the effectiveness of internal expenses management , The company's operating conditions are stable.

Table 2 (Unit 100 million yuan)

ZTE ’s net profit for the first three quarters increased by 132.44% year-on-year, and hundreds of millions of stock options were issued

The company believes that during the reporting period, equipment investment in the global telecommunications industry has grown slowly, and 4G network deployment and broadband network construction have become the main driving forces for investment. The hotspots in the telecommunications industry focus on wireless, broadband and supporting transmissions, and strategic emerging industries such as cloud computing and the Internet of Things have also continued to receive attention and advancement.

In the domestic market, the TD-LTE scale construction will bring a new round of investment opportunities to the domestic telecommunications industry. The gradual implementation of the broadband China strategy will provide policy support for the development of the domestic broadband industry, and the construction of supporting transmission facilities for TD-LTE and broadband networks Investment has also attracted attention. The Group seized market opportunities and closely cooperated with operators' technology selection and network construction plans to optimize the market structure. In the international market, the Group focuses on the strategies of the most populous countries and mainstream global operators. In addition to the operator network market, it also actively promotes the expansion of the government-enterprise network market, service market and terminal market.

Looking forward to the next reporting period, investment in telecommunications industry equipment will still focus on the construction of wireless, broadband and supporting transmission facilities. The Group will continue to promote product innovation and solution operations, focus on mainstream products, improve R & D efficiency, deepen the strategy of large population countries and global mainstream operators, focus on advantageous markets and actively expand government, enterprise, service and terminal markets. The Group will adhere to the implementation of the operating settlement system to control resources, refine cost management, and improve operational efficiency.

ZTE Corporation officially issued hundreds of millions of stock options to 1,528 backbones

On the evening of October 31st, ZTE Corporation announced that the board of directors officially granted 1,028,989 million A-share stock options to 1,528 backbones at a price of 13.69 yuan per share.

The announcement shows that due to the resignation or death of some incentive objects, the conditions for becoming an equity incentive object are no longer met. The number of incentive objects was adjusted from 1531 to 1528, and the number of stock option grants was adjusted from 103.2 million to 102.989 million. The incentive objects include 5 directors, 3 executive vice presidents, 9 senior vice presidents and 1 board secretary.

ZTE stated that the personal income tax and other taxes and fees payable by the incentive objects are collected and paid by the incentive objects themselves. ZTE will not provide loans or other forms of financial assistance to the incentive objects, including guarantees for their loans. According to ZTE ’s closing price of 15.18 yuan today, all the stock options granted this time have floated 153 million yuan.

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