ZigBee technology to create energy-saving and convenient LED lighting network

November 13, 2019

Recently, the ZigBee Alliance and the leading LED bulb manufacturers have developed a new ZigBee Light Link standard that makes it easier for consumers to install and manage lighting networks.

Standard solutions like ZigBee Light Link have many advantages. The first is to provide consumers with a variety of interoperable products including LED bulbs (including color-changing LEDs), lamps, timers and controls. Currently, only a few patented wireless systems are available, which are not only expensive but also difficult to implement. With a standard system, consumers can use any ZigBee Light Link certified product on the network. As a result of increased competitiveness, this makes the price of network-connected LED lighting systems more reasonable.

In addition to interoperability, the Light Link standard also increases energy efficiency due to the use of LED bulbs and provides sensors to automatically control the system. The dimming sensor monitors the natural ambient lighting in the room and automatically adjusts the brightness of the bulb to adjust the brightness of the bulb according to day and night needs. In addition, the human body sensor automatically turns on the light when someone enters the room and turns off the light when leaving.

In addition, the ZigBee Light Link standard enables the use of wireless networks through the use of ZigBee-enabled smartphones or simple gateway control lighting. This enables consumers to change lighting settings as a function of ambience or work and monitor energy usage. Consumers can also easily change the lighting of their homes and buildings through improved installation.

As a leader in the ZigBee market, Texas Instruments (TI) is fully committed to promoting the new ZigBee Light Link standard and working with a number of companies to develop this standard. TI CC2530 ZigBee System Single Chip (SoC) passes the Golden Unit interoperability test standard.

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