Zhengzhou New District Management Service Center Project LED Display Tender Notice

March 29, 2019

Name of Tenderee: Zhengdong New District Management Service Center Preparation Office

Second, the tendering agency: Henan Yuxin Tendering Co., Ltd.

3. Project Name: Zhengzhou New District Management Service Center Project

4. Contents of the bidding: LED display system equipment (indoor double-primary LED display, control system equipment, power distribution system equipment, related software, spare parts) in the entrance hall of the north and north entrance hall and the administrative service hall of the west building, purchase, installation and adjustment , personnel training, warranty services, etc.

V. Bidder qualification requirements

An independent legal entity's production enterprise or its authorized distributor; has the ability to specialize in LED engineering; has similar construction experience and related performance.

If you are interested in bidding, please bring your business license, legal representative's authorization, manufacturer's authorization (for dealers), company profile, LED project performance since 2006, etc. (original and binding) A copy of the official seal is attached) to register.

Registration time: November 3, 2009 to November 9, 2009 (five working days)

8:30-12:00 am 2:30-5:30 pm

Place of registration: Henan Yuxin Tendering Co., Ltd. (Address: Room 5011, 5th Floor, Block B, International Enterprise Center, 72 Agricultural Road, Zhengzhou City)

Phone: 0371-63911076

Fax: 0371-63868572

Contact: Mr. Jiang

Preparation and coordination of the comprehensive office building of Zhengdong New District, Henan Province

Leading group engineering management department

Zhengdong New District Management Service Center Preparation Office

October 3, 2009

HDI PCB or High density interconnect PCBs are a way of making more room on your printed circuit board to make them more efficient and allow for faster transmission. It's relatively easy for most enterprising companies that are using printed circuit boards to see how this can benefit them.

High density interconnect (HDI) PCBs represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the printed circuit board market. Because of its higher circuitry density, the HDI PCB design can incorporate finer lines and spaces, smaller vias and capture pads, and higher connection pad densities. A high-density PCB features blind and buried vias and often contains microvias that are .006 in diameter or even less.


The copper is the circuits material and the circuits designed by the PCB designers. Depends on the current in the circuits, the PCB copper thickness could be done with 0.5oz-10oz. But the PCB designers need be noted that the copper track width/space need be enlarged with the thickness. For example, the minimum copper track width/space could be 3mil/3mil with 0.5oz, but would be 4mil/4mil with 1oz.


The PCB board could be rigid PCB, could be flex PCB and also could be Flex-Rigid PCB. And the materials could be FR4, PI, Aluminum, Copper-based, Rogers, Teflon, etc. They have different applications. For example, FR4 PCB is the most commonly used for rigid PCB and almost good for all electronics products; PI is the most commonly used for flex PCB; Aluminum and copper-based have good thermal diffusivity and always used for LED PCB ; Rogers PCB and Teflon PCB are always used for High Frequency PCB, etc.


PCB Manufacture Capabilities





1-36 layers


 FR-4, Aluminum, Copper, Polyimide, high frequency (Rogers, PTEE, PI), etc.

PCB Type

FR-4 Standard PCB , Aluminum PCB , Copper-based PCB, HDI PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, Flex PCB, Thick Copper PCB and Rogers PCB, etc.

Board Thickness


Copper Thickness


Biggest Board size


Min Tracing/Spacing

0.075mm/0.075mm (3mil/3mil)

Min drilling Hole diameter

0.15mm(6mil), 0.1mm(4mil)-laser drill

Solder Mask

Green, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue and Purple, etc.

Silkscreen color

White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Surface finish

HASL Lead free, Immersion Gold (ENIG), Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, OSP, Carbon oil, etc.

Special Techniques

Impedance Control, Gold Fingers, Blind/Buried vias, Peelable solder mask, Half holes, Via-in-Pad and Countersink hole, etc.

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