Zhen Mingli: It means that the stock price crash is not affected by the euro.

April 28, 2019

According to Hong Kong media reports, in response to recent share price fall, really bright (quotes, information, reviews) (1868) issue a notice indicates that fell on the share price is not aware of the reasons, emphasizing the recent deterioration in the European market and the weakness of the euro, the company does not constitute Any significant financial negative impact or exchange rate risk because the company's sales and receipts are calculated in US dollars . The announcement also pointed out that the vast majority of sales in Europe are in North-West Europe, and the customer's purchasing mentality is good. Compared with the orders received in the same period of the previous year, the orders in the first quarter of this year have risen sharply. Zhen Mingli fell 8.46% yesterday to 4.33 yuan; the stock fell from 5.08 yuan last Friday to 14% yesterday.

Zhen Mingli announced that the number of orders is in line with this year's annual growth target, and the number of orders on hand is a new high. The company expects sales growth to be expected to increase significantly by the end of the financial year; the company's LED downlight series and LED track light series have been awarded by the US Energy Star certification, became the first Asian manufacturer to pass the relevant certification. Zhen Mingli stressed that he is constantly looking for mergers and acquisitions opportunities to expand market share.

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