Zengqiang estimates that in 2013, LED and other niche products accounted for 10% of total revenue.

October 31, 2019

The semiconductor component channel business increased your strong first-quarter consolidated revenue of NT$6.483 billion, a quarterly decrease of 29.03%, but the gross profit margin and profitability ratio were 6.04% and 2.13%, respectively, compared with 3.99% in the fourth quarter of last year. The growth of 1.53% is mainly due to the increase in the proportion of niche products. Increase your strong first-quarter net profit after tax of NT$108 million, a quarterly increase of 14.47%, and a single-season EPS of 0.51 yuan.

Zeng Youqiang pointed out that this year will gradually increase the proportion of niche-type products to protect the gross profit margin and profitability rate, including the three major product lines of energy-saving industry, MCU and industrial power supply. It is expected to account for the overall revenue share in 2013. to make.

In the energy-saving industry, Zengqiang's main products include LED, CFL (light-saving bulb) in the lighting market, and optimistic that 2013 is the first year of LED explosion, which will obviously pay attention to the performance, and the visibility of orders has also increased significantly this year. The single-quantity amplification and the pulling interval are also shortened. The company expects that under the continuous expansion of the mainland domestic demand market, the revenue contribution of the lighting segment will be raised from NT$50 million per month to NT$100 million per month by the end of this year.

In order to improve gross profit margin and structure medium and long-term growth momentum, the company has continued to develop high-value markets for non-3C industries in recent years, and has locked in three major areas of energy-saving industries, MCUs and industrial power sources. These three new markets are centered on the mainland domestic demand market. Among them, the energy-saving industry is one of the important emerging industries in the 12th Five-Year Plan. Taking the LED lighting market, which was the earliest investment of Youqiang, as an example, the annual growth rate is multiple growth.

Zeng Youqiang said that under the gradual abolishment of lower-margin businesses and increase the proportion of niche-type products, I hope that the gross profit margin for this year will grow from 4.71% last year, and the profit-to-earning rate will also be more than 2%. aims.

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