Xiamen Strait Lighting Mall will become the largest lamp market in Fujian

February 01, 2019

On March 1, Xiamen Strait Lighting Mall reported that the third phase of the market transformation has been officially launched and is expected to be officially put into operation around June. By then, the market will have a business area of ​​36,000 square meters, becoming the largest professional lighting market in Fujian.

It is understood that Xiamen Strait Lighting Mall, as an emerging professional market, due to its good market planning and operation management, has caused a shortage of supply in the first and second phases of the store. When interviewing the project manager Li Zhaowu, he told reporters: "For the investment promotion of the third phase of the Straits Lighting Mall, we believe that with its high quality service and management, we can attract any powerful brand and merchant in the industry. Entering!"

In addition, the market was nominated for the second China's top ten lighting market in 2007. The brands that have settled in the market cover well-known brands at home and abroad, such as NVC, Opp, Xinwenxing, Philips, Osram, etc., and the influence is also from the mainland. Expanded to Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

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