Whistpool GAP and YAP high-efficiency LED phosphor powder advance the Chinese market

October 08, 2019

Whistpool Fluorescent Powder has entered the Chinese market for less than two years, but its success will be developed by the United States Argonne National Laboratory and the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the United States to develop GAP (Green Aluminate Phosphor) and YAP (YELlow Aluminate Phosphor) High-efficiency LED and CCFL series phosphor powder matured into the Chinese market, and quickly won recognition through many large and medium-sized packaging companies.

At present, the company's self-developed GAP series of fluorescent powder adopts a unique matching design. The product breaks through the Japanese patent restrictions and becomes another revolutionary innovation after the Japanese YAG fluorescent powder, achieving the dual effects of light efficiency and color development. Improvement, in which YAP series phosphor powder has covered all products in YAG band, through thousands of experiments, explored an optimized ratio combined with the best synthetic process conditions to reach the excitation limit of YAG phosphor powder, and The market mainstream LED phosphors have a 10% improvement in light efficiency, especially for warm white. The company's YAP, GAP phosphor powder stood out from the authoritative tests of well-known packaging companies and was successfully applied to the lighting renovation project of Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the ultra-high brightness medical device lighting of the Institute of Medical Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Whistpool said that in 2012, it will continue to provide customers with competitive products, actively promote the development of the LED industry, and build Whistpool into the most competitive brand of LED phosphors.



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