Whether the mature LED light source in the projector market can take the opportunity to take the opportunity

January 31, 2019

The theme of China in 2008 is the Olympics. The industry generally believes that the Olympics will bring an unprecedented opportunity for large-size display. The most likely opportunity for this is to develop a home projector.

He Guangyuan, the channel manager of Zhongguancun Hongyang Weiye, told the reporter, “In fact, with the price breakthrough of some high-definition projectors in 2007, there is no price bottleneck in home projectors, and the opportunity is this year.”

Price icebreaking home projection accelerates popularity

In fact, projector products have been developed in China for many years, and the main markets have been concentrated in education, business and other fields, but in the promising home multimedia entertainment market, there is little success. Therefore, many experts believe that home projectors do not actually enter the Chinese family, but only listen to the "players" of enthusiasts, only tens of thousands of sales each year.

In addition, many years of high prices, high cost of use, harsh environmental requirements and other factors have blocked consumers in the home projector market.

However, He Guangyuan said, "At present, some of the 720P home projectors have fallen below 10,000 yuan, and users have no problem to afford." Two years ago, the price of the 720P model was still high, and the price of the main sales model was also All are above 10,000 yuan.

From the perspective of upstream suppliers, efforts are also being made to get the projectors to the home. Not long ago, Texas Instruments announced that through the innovation of price, integration, image quality, light source and mobile projection technology, DLP will bring more projection products to the consumer market in 2008, officially opening the "first year of projection popularization." At the same time, Huang Zhiguang, Director of Asia Business of Texas Instruments DLP Products Division, pointed out that "In 2007, the global front projection market shipped 5.5 million units, a 16% increase from 2006. It is expected that the global projector market will grow to 20 in 2008. %the above."

“There are nearly 150 DLP projectors that are priced below $999, and the DLP entry-level models below $500 are 98% higher,” Huang Zhiguang said. It can be seen that the price breakthrough has laid a good foundation for the popularity of projectors to home users.

It is understood that the current DLP and 3LCD camp have launched about 10,000 yuan of home projectors, such as Optoma's H70, Panasonic's PT-AX100E, Sanyo Z5 and so on. This year, two 720P models have dropped to 8,500 yuan, namely the Mitsubishi HC1100 using DLP technology and the BenQ W500 using 3LCD technology.

In the past 2007, the home projector market has also attracted many home appliance companies to actively participate. Among them, Sony's high-profile entry has undoubtedly become a major driving force for the home projector market. Last year, Sony introduced the BRAVIA home projector series, which are two mainstream 720P resolution AW series home projectors: VPL-AW15 and VPL-AW10. Today, BRAVIA has become the hallmark of Sony's flat-panel TVs, and the introduction of BRAVIA's home projectors shows Sony's focus on the home projector market.

Gao Ming, the head of Sony's consumer electronics business, said that the home market has always been a field that Sony is very concerned about, and the domestic home market is also developing rapidly. Especially in the past one or two years, the entire home market has also been valued by many projector manufacturers. The price of home projectors has also declined. Many 720P products are now at around 10,000 yuan, and consumers are still able to afford this price. This has also prompted users to change the concept of consumption of home projectors.

In addition to Sony, Sharp and Panasonic launched a family-oriented projector product in China soon, including Changhong, one of the domestic appliance giants, also launched its first home digital cinema projector PDF720P, and announced that it has joined forces with Texas Instruments to officially enter the projector market. Home appliance manufacturers generally believe that in the large screen solutions such as plasma, LCD, projection, etc., the most significant advantage of the projector compared with other solutions is that it has advantages in the large size of 70-125 inches, and also has cost. Low and energy-saving features, this is the same price can not compare with other large screens. The retail price of a mid-range projector is only around 10,000 yuan, which makes it easier for users to accept.

“The home market has been optimistic by many projector manufacturers, and home projectors are starting to make money.” Huang Zhenyu, senior product manager of BenQ Projector, also expressed the same view. BenQ will realize the localization of home projectors and continuously reduce costs through localization strategies. Huang Zhenyu believes that the difference in technology between projectors is now more and more

The competition of manufacturers has risen from a pure product technology competition to a solution plus service competition. It is conceivable that an unprecedented fierce competition will be staged on the eve of this year's Olympics.

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