Where will the traditional TV go?

April 12, 2021

In the era of smart projection, the days of domestically produced TVs have become harder and harder. Frequent strokes projection market, do not know how long the TV can still be.

According to reliable sources, the flagship product of Nami Screen TV will be released this month, or the brightness will be increased to 900 Ansi Lumens. (The picture shows the previous generation of projection products, the polar meter Aurora)

It is said that the new generation of non-screen TVs are 1080p full HD products, and the specific details we have to announce this month. But looking at the previous generation of products, the projection level of the Aurora Aurora is already the king of homeless projection.

A practical projective test was performed for this product. In the case of a full wall, the projected image is still clearly visible. If the new generation of products is upgraded again, it will have a great impact on traditional TVs and traditional projection brands.

The projection screen is clear and you can absolutely kill the TV indoors

The previous generation's aurora was very good in projecting quality, and it was still clearly visible after multiple zooming. Compared with the products with the same price, the price ratio of Aurora Aurora is very high. If the home needs projection, it is worth considering.

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