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November 25, 2021

A few days ago something happened to miss the test of 619 roll keyboard, of course, registration may not be able to.

I just want to play the keyboard recently. I can see that the 619 also has a small keyboard. It's better to try it slightly.

The name "rolling" is humorous. There is a snack in Beijing called "Ass Rolling" and I don't know what the connection between the two is.

Well, do not talk nonsense, and share with everyone: è´± ass roll 619 mechanical keyboard 87

The product packaging uses black as the background color. Only the “619 rolling mechanical keyboard” is on the packaging. There is no other information, so the packaging takes a simple style.

But the above keyboard pattern actually has a small keyboard, it should be directly from the full keyboard of the 619 keyboard.

Wrapper shell is hard, but still can play a protective role.

The size is 38,815,341mm, weight is about 746g, 87 keys, there are two black and white, I have a black version.

Suspension axis + borderless design + metal panel, to be honest this is a very old routine.

Two lights are above the arrow keys.

The fixing screws on the panel are hexagonal. If you want to remove it, you must have a professional tool. In addition, you can also start the decoration.

Fn+F1-F12 is a multimedia key.

There is a nose like the east of the indicator light. I think it may be that the indicator light is on. This will not direct light to the eyes. Of course, it is also a small design feature.

The design of the flank is still somewhat new, and the yellowish color scheme has given the entire keyboard a brighter look, but this part of the plastic feels too strong, making the keyboard feel a little cartoonish.

The back of the keyboard: Both the supporting feet and the non-slip feet are on the two yellow wings. In addition, the nameplate is also behind.

Two legs, one on each side, but no non-slip feet.

Open the slope of the feet, in addition can also see the keycap height, more conventional height.

The keyboard is designed as a key-line separation device. It is knitted with nylon and woven. The length is about 2m. The USB interface is also gold-plated.

Let's take a look at the keyboard's key axis, which comes with a yellow key puller.

The surface of the keycap is slightly matte, and the price of the material will not be much thought of. ABS, but it's OK.

The axis body is the Gateron axis (Jadalon axis), and there are currently versions of the blue and black axes.

As for the hand feeling, I feel that most of the domestic blue-green shafts and Cherry Green's hand feel very similar. The Jiadaklong axis is no exception. I feel that this is just a keystroke slightly shorter than Cherry's. The strength is a bit larger.

The key cap is a two-color injection molder, and the character's abrasion resistance will be relatively high.

The big key uses the satellite axis, and the balance of the hand feels good.

In addition to the space bar, satellites are used for backspace, enter, and shift.

The mechanical keyboard is now embarrassed to say that it is a mechanical keyboard without a lamp. This is no exception. It is equipped with a yellow light, but it does not have a transparent shaft cover. Only the upper side can be transparent.

Monochromatic light, but still some playful, light modes include 涟漪 mode, wave mode, breathing light mode, etc., through the keyboard FN keys and other key combinations, of course, can also be adjusted through the drive.

Assassin's cloud drive recognizes the 619 keyboard, but this is a full keyboard, and may not be subdivided, but it can be used anyway.

Rolling 619 is also a full-key rush, try it should be no problem.

to sum up


1. The price should be acceptable to most people

2. Suspension axis + borderless design + metal panel, standard, unable to Tucao

3. The shape is still a little bright.


1. The plastic on both sides is too strong

2. No non-slip stickers on the feet

Honestly speaking, people who choose the full keyboard version of the 619 keyboard may have more, but they like the small keyboard. This is also a good choice. The blue shaft is of course a typewriter artifact. It is not suitable for the game to see everyone's habits. In the final reminder, if you play at night, you should not irritate the female ticket. If you become a single dog again, you will be miserable.

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