The former "standard king" Hu Zhibiao lighting industry hit the reef

January 31, 2019

For the resurgence of Tudongshan, Hu Zhibiao entered the lighting industry and traded energy-saving lamps in Zhongshan. However, unlike Shi Yuzhu, Hu Zhibiao’s re-starting business ended in failure.
The reporter recently learned that on August 13 and 14, 2007, Zhongshan Caiyan Color Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., located in the industrial base of Xiaolan Town, encountered dozens of enterprise suppliers blocking the purchase of goods for two consecutive days. As a company classified in the lighting industry, it is nothing new in the industry to recover the money from the supplier. However, the color of the banquet technology has attracted a lot of attention. This is because, behind the Zhongshan City, the banquet color energy-saving technology Co., Ltd. stands behind a famous figure--Hu Zhibiao, he is a former love VCD General manager, the first generation of "standard king."
Regarding the banquet, there are many opinions in the industry. The most unified statement is that the management is not good, the capital chain has problems, and even the supplier’s payment is owed.
The reporter has a summary of the assets and liabilities of the banquet. The statistics for this form is August 13. "Look at this table." A supplier named A Fei found it in the folder on the desk. A few sheets of printed paper with the words "assets and liabilities summary table".
The conclusion is that the assets are insolvent.
The banquet was born and borrowed the "night banquet" to boil the world.
On January 20, 2006, Hu Zhibiao was released on parole in advance due to his good performance.
After he was released from prison, Hu Zhibiao was not eager to start a business. Just when all walks of life speculated that Hu Zhibiao was going, Hu Zhibiao quietly appeared on the day of the national release of the movie "The Banquet". This time, his title is the sponsor of the movie "Night Banquet" - technical consultant of Zhongshan Caiyan Color Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
Originally, after he was released from prison, Hu Zhibiao, based on his unique sensitivity to the market, aimed at the sunrise industry of lighting and lighting. He joined several domestic famous product competitiveness research companies, went north and south, traveled all over the country, and did a lot of in-depth and meticulous market research. At the same time, visit famous masters of various roads.
In the survey, Hu Zhibiao found that the lighting industry with a market capacity of 160 billion and maintaining a 20% annual growth, but lacking a real big brand. Although some of the leading leading brands have embarked on the journey of the Volkswagen brand, their annual sales are negligible compared to the overall market demand. There is a market rule in it. When the leading brand of an industry accounts for less than 5% of the market, it can basically be judged that the industry is still immature and there is huge room for development.
In this way, with the brilliant miracle of 200 million to 2 billion created in the past two years, and this extremely intuitive and tempting investigation report, nearly ten of the mysterious sums of up to eight digits have been remitted from all over the country. Zhongshan.
September 14, 2006. The huge advertisements of "Southern Metropolis Daily", "Yangcheng Evening News" and "Guangzhou Daily" simultaneously officially announced to the world that the banquet and "Night Banquet" were simultaneously launched. As a behind-the-scenes planning consultant for the banquet, Hu Zhibiao, who has been quiet for several years, once again debuted and stood on the stage he once knew.

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