Taiwan Nano Crystal will sign the contract to produce the latest LED chip

August 09, 2019

[High-tech LED News] Nanocrystal Asia Inc. has developed a new type of LED chip using patented defect-free GaN micro-structure technology, and plans to sign up with 璨圆光电 to produce.

According to FR Chien, chairman of the company, the brightness of the newly introduced chip is 3-4 times that of the existing chip. The unique technology of Nano Crystal is known for its low cost and high reliability. The brightness of the chips produced by the company is increased by 50% every year, and in terms of the level of improvement in previous years, it is increased by 15%-20% every year.

FR Chien further pointed out that the technology will dominate the field in the next two years and will increase the penetration of LED products in the lighting market of solid-state white lighting, LED backlights for automobiles and notebooks, PDAs, mobile phones and backlit LCD TVs.

Ehud Lee, president of Nano Crystal Optoelectronics, said that he would enter into a partnership with Taiwan's LED industry by issuing patent licenses with local manufacturers in exchange for contract manufacturing services, and would also outsource a large number of contracts to Yuanyuan.

The company is headquartered in Asia and has a capital of US$12 million. 20% of the shares are held by Haoyuan Optoelectronics and Dongbei Optoelectronics. Ehud Lee said that in the next six months, the initial public offering of shares (IPO) in Canada, the company's total market capitalization of listed shares will reach about 80 million US dollars. He also said that the company will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange or the Taiwan Stock Exchange as soon as possible after completing the research and development project.

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