Special grade PC to create high efficiency LED lamp lens

August 20, 2019

LED spotlights improve the lighting in front of buildings and create safer pedestrian walkways to reduce accidents and protect the safety of their employees and other pedestrians.

LED technology can adjust the color of light as needed, significantly improving contrast and color rendering for better visuals in dark environments. Recently, Bayer MaterialScience has teamed up with CarlcoOptics to develop special grades of transparent polycarbonate cloning materials for lens applications in LED lighting. The lens made of this material is extremely light transmissive, ensuring that light is efficiently concentrated and directed.

It is reported that Bayer's branch office in Vienna, Austria, its innovative facade lighting makes full use of the characteristics of LED technology. Compared to the previously used metal halide lamps, LED spotlights developed by Vienna-based LEDworx GmbH improve the lighting in front of buildings and build safer pedestrian walkways. LEDWorx sales director ThomasZeiler said: "The new LED lamps have significant advantages in channel brightness, and the lighting in the entire area is also very uniform. The most important thing is that the power load can be reduced by 25% to achieve these advantages. In other words, energy saving and Improving quality is not a problem."

Currently, Bayer is experimenting with the new Makrolon LED 2643 material and using it to produce the lens used in the project. Developed specifically for solid-state lighting fixtures, this material is extremely light-transmissive and provides excellent resistance to light from LED lights.

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