Simple and convenient bicycle LED light Navigator

March 24, 2020

As we all know, bicycles are a very convenient means of transportation, and their use and parking are very simple. However, it is simple and relatively simple, and there are few electronic navigation instruments on the car. In order to solve this problem, a foreign company called Hammerhead recently introduced a LED light Navigator for bicycles, which is very convenient.

The design of this LED navigator is very simple. Although it is not equipped with complicated electronic instruments, the simple function is enough to help users navigate easily. It adopts T-shaped design, and several LED lights are distributed on the two wings. The LED lights flash to guide the driver to change direction.

It is reported that this LED light is equipped with a dedicated application that supports Apple's iOS and Android systems. It is not a built-in GPS navigation chip, but uses mobile phone resources, using mobile navigation functions and pictures. For example, if the user sets an end point on the application, and then turns on the navigation LED light, the mobile phone can be put into the pocket, and the direction can be directly identified from the indicator light, and the mobile phone can be viewed without having to stop and view the mobile phone, which saves a lot of trouble.

At present, this bicycle LED navigation light can provide navigation time of about 6 hours. In addition, it also has a front light that provides night vision and is used for 15 hours. Each is priced at $75. If you buy two or more, the price will be $70.

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