shocked! Panasonic actually made the fan into a ball

November 20, 2021

[PConline Info] Panasonic has always had a lot of home appliance black technology, and some of the products it launches are really eye-catching. Recently, Panasonic released a special "ball," which is like a ball but not a ball, but A spherical fan. This product also can not see the fan blade, and Dyson's fanless fan is very forcible, but Panasonic this product will be more characteristic in appearance.

The Panasonic fan subverts the design of a traditional fan in terms of its appearance. The whole is a ball. You read it correctly. It is a spherical fan. This spherical surface has multiple round holes and looks a bit like a bowling ball.

The motor draws air through a hole in the bottom, and the air goes along the inner wall to the front air outlet. In such a small structure, it is necessary to put in the motor and then export the wind, but also to ensure that there is a certain wind and wind speed, which is really powerful.

The matching base can rotate 360 ​​degrees, this fan can guide the wind in a limited rotating space.

The airflow that is emitted from multiple holes in the front and the base that can be rotated, can effectively accelerate the indoor air flow, make the indoor air temperature more uniform, and the indoor temperature naturally becomes easier to make people comfortable.

In the home environment, this fan can feel as cool as the cool breeze of the plateau.

Thanks to the unique design, this fan is suitable for use in various occasions from work to life.

There are three colors to choose from. Of course, fans with such a unique shape design, no matter what kind of color, will be very forbidden in the home.

If you demand higher? Then you can choose this version of the Echizen paint, Echigo is a kind of Japanese national treasure level craft, the product that produces through this kind of craft will have a gleaming texture. The more pre-painted version of the fan looks more like a handicraft with a practical nature.

This product will not be listed in the country for the time being. In Japan, it is necessary to book again in early May. The price of the regular version displayed on the Amazon in Japan is 54,000 yen, which is approximately 3229 yuan. For the average consumer, this price is very expensive to buy a fan, of course, the high-end people who pursue the quality of life should like this unique design of home appliances. Those who want to start early, it is estimated that we must think of a way to buy it, but if we purchase it through Haitao channel, this kind of product is very likely to be taxed. We do not wait and see if this product will be listed in the country.

Finally, take a look at the two official announcements of this product, users who wish to pick up their hands may wish to see more than a few times.

Comments: Many people would love this uniquely designed home appliance, but its price may make many people discouraged. Technology continues to improve and enhance our quality of life. Do you like this unique ball fan? ?

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