Shenzhen's first batch of "green roads" opened to traffic

April 27, 2019

Guangming Avenue, Huaxia Road and Sightseeing Road (long section of Longda Expressway to Tangming Road) in Guangming New District have been completed and opened to traffic. This is the first batch of green roads that the city has completed and opened to traffic according to green road standards.

The Guangming Avenue, Huaxia Road and Sightseeing Road, which were officially completed and opened to traffic, are all municipal projects that have been expanded and reconstructed on the basis of the original low-grade highways. After the completion of the renovation, all three roads are two-way and eight lanes with sidewalks and bicycles. Road, to achieve the city's I-class main road standards. The most striking thing is that these three roads adhere to the "high standards and high specifications" in planning and design, making full use of many of the latest scientific and technological achievements, reflecting the concept of energy conservation, ecology and humanity, and become a "green road" in the true sense. . The lighting equipment of the three roads all adopt LED energy-saving lamps, the main roads are laid with advanced noise-reducing materials, and the sidewalks are all made of environmentally-friendly and breathable permeable bricks. The greening standards of the roads are also different. It is understood that the use of LED energy-saving lamps can not only reduce environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and radiation, but also improve energy-saving efficiency, extend the service life of street lamps, and reduce losses caused by street lamp damage. The use of permeable bricks on the sidewalk can maintain the balance of water and soil, greatly improve the soil available nutrients, reduce the daily evaporation of surface water, adjust the surface temperature and humidity, and eliminate the urban “heat island phenomenon”, which plays an important role in maintaining the urban surface ecological balance. In addition, the sightseeing road and Huaxia Road have also built the city's “integrated pipe ditch”, which has taken the lead in realizing the centralized centralized management of underground pipelines in the city, avoiding the phenomenon that the maintenance pipelines “open the road”. In the Guangming Hospital section of Huaxia Road, the pedestrian bridge was built to ensure pedestrians' entry and exit safety. This is also the first pedestrian bridge in the history of Guangming.

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