RTX real-time operating system platform expands IntervalZero solution range

November 09, 2019

IntervalZero Inc.'s RTX software transforms Microsoft Windows into a real-time operating system (RTOS). Today, the company is expanding the range of its solutions through a vertically integrated RTX RTOS platform.

IntervalZero CEO Jeffrey Hibbard said the RTX RTOS platform combines proven, reliable technology with innovative new technologies to achieve cost and performance breakthroughs and enables hard real-time or deterministic functionality for high-precision, high-performance applications The market has brought benefits.

Hibbard said: "For the past four years, we have been strengthening our partnerships with key technology partners and suppliers to make the platform a complete real-time solution with pre-tested and certified applications and drivers. Program to help launch projects that require an RTOS."

"For nearly 10 years, we have proven that by using RTX, system developers can use software to replace dedicated real-time hardware, reducing hardware costs associated with hard real-time and determinism by 25-50% and allowing application performance to be 18 per - Doubled in 24 months."

He said: "We are adding more integrated third-party components to help customers bring products to market faster. The platform also provides opportunities to improve scalability and improve security. Our customers have reached level 3 Safety Integrity (SIL 3) - FDA Class II certification for industrial automation and medical industry."

The RTX RTOS platform takes advantage of continuous improvements in the following areas:

A standard Windows PC for providing a Windows user experience such as multi-touch;

Intel and AMD's X86 multi-core multiprocessors for improved application performance, scalability, and the elimination of dedicated real-time hardware such as digital signal processors (DSPs) and microprocessors (MCUs);

RTX software for transforming Windows into an RTOS, eliminating the need for a separate dedicated RTOS or real-time hardware; and for its Symmetric Multiprocessing Function (SMP);

Real-time Ethernet from multiple third-party partners—such as EtherCAT and ProfiNET—to streamline and simplify system development and improve security;

Microsoft Visual Studio for a single integrated development environment;

More third-party applications, communications, I/O, and driver features that enhance platform value.

Hibbard said: "On a global scale, we have found many solutions that can benefit from this platform."

Hibbard said: "We have seen some systems with separate hard real-time operating systems on dedicated or virtual hardware, but there is also a Windows general-purpose operating system; some systems are also over-reliant on real-time hardware, such as DSP or MCU. Both options increase costs, limit performance, and cause development delays."

With a separate RTOS, redundant hardware in the second device handles real-time requirements or additional IPC for Human Machine Interface (HMI) resulting in higher costs. Hibbard pointed out that integration is becoming more complicated due to the need for a separate development team, a repetitive development environment, and multiple code bases.

With the need to build custom hardware, using real-time hardware can extend the time it takes to get to market. In addition, the hardware can't keep up with the performance speeds allowed by x86; it doesn't scale well; and it doesn't take advantage of AVX/signal processing and cores on multi-core commercial off-the-shelf chips.

The RTX RTOS platform does not have these challenges.

RTX can transform Windows into an RTOS without additional engineering expertise. The RTOS feature and Windows run as an integrated platform on a Windows PC, while the engineering team only needs to utilize an IDE.

By developing the full potential of single-core and multi-core COTS Windows PCs, dedicated hardware can be eliminated. Engineers can design for the future to create a scalable deterministic engine that leverages one or more cores of a multi-core PC. In addition, they can implement designs that are available for all product lines through a reusable deterministic engine, not just specific DSP hardware.

In terms of expanding the platform network, Hibbard pointed out that IntervalZero has formally established a partnership with several major technology providers of the platform (mainly including Microsoft and Intel). IntervalZero is Microsoft's embedded gold partner and was named the leading Windows Embedded Partner in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

IntervalZero is a member of the Intel Embedded Alliance and is dedicated to the value of RTX in digital signal processing on the Intel website.

Hibbard said: "In the next few quarters, we will announce more platform partnerships."

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