ROHM develops dimmable LED lighting driver (Photos)

January 30, 2019

ROHM has developed a new product "BP5845W" for LED lighting driver modules that can be driven by AC power, and at the "Street Decoration Circulation Revival" special exhibition "LED Next" held at the Tokyo International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 4th to 7th, 2008. On stage, it was exhibited. This product can be dimmed with a PWM signal output from an external microcontroller. The development product is driven by an AC power source generated by a built-in AC-DC converter, and is a "BP58â–¡â–¡ series" featuring a fixed output current. This is the first time the series is equipped with dimming function.

The product currently supports PWM signals from 1k to 20kHz. The input voltage is 80 to 120V in terms of AC. The output voltage is 12.5~36V, and it can output 250~360mA rated current. Up to nine 1W white LEDs can be illuminated. When lighting multiple LEDs, it is not possible to dim each LED and only perform uniform dimming. Samples are currently available and the sample price is 2,000 yen. It will be mass-produced in May 2008. When it is planned to be put into production, it can support PWM signals of 300 to 20 kHz.

The display now often uses the "BP5845W" on the left to illuminate the LED lighting in the right box.

"BP58â–¡â–¡ series" panel


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