R&S launches high-end AV interface test platform

November 10, 2019

21ic news Consumer electronic devices such as set-top boxes, tablets and smartphones are equipped with digital video interfaces such as High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and Mobile High Definition Interface (MHL). Rohde & Schwarz has introduced the VTC video test system, which can be used to test the functionality of these interfaces and the associated protocol standards. R&S VTC supports real-time protocol testing and AV quality analysis with video difference comparison, making it the most flexible test platform on the market today.

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R&S introduces the latest VTC video test system, which is an ideal test platform for R&D. It is functionally complementary to the existing R&S VTS compact video tester and R&S VTE video tester. R&S products already cover all testing needs in the consumer electronics production chain. VTC is a fully modular test platform designed to test video and audio interfaces and is a solution that integrates a wide range of test functions. VTC provides real-time protocol analysis and multimedia content analysis, and can arbitrarily modify test requirements and scenarios to meet complex R&D applications, depending on the specific test environment. The VTC's modular design allows it to be continuously upgraded to meet new standards, making it the most flexible test solution available today.

The VTC video test system can accommodate up to 8 test modules. Includes high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) test modules, mobile high-definition interface (MHL) test modules, which are commonly used for consumer electronics testing. Modulator modules for analog audio/video interface modules and broadcast television standards will also be available soon.

VTC has real-time analysis function of video and audio parameters. Combined with HDMI test module, VTC can not only analyze HDMI signal source, but also test HDMI receiving device, support HDMI 1.4c protocol in R&SVTC, and realize protocol conformance test. For different interfaces, Rohde & Schwarz offers test software for automated testing. The VT-B2361 HDMI Receive Test Module has the ability to test Ultra High Definition (UD) resolutions of 4K x 2K resolution for high-end screens.

Rohde & Schwarz offers several options for automated analysis and testing of the video under test. These options can be used to test MHL and HDMI signals. The VT-K2100 Video Analysis Option tests the level and Timing of each part of the video signal to verify that the color transmission is correct. The VT-K2110 video inspection option and the VT-K2111 video distortion analysis option assist users with the analysis of the difference between the two images. While the graph displays the test results, the VTC also displays objective measurements such as PSNR, SSIM and MOS in real time. This feature allows you to pinpoint bit errors in your video content. VTC can even configure an audio analysis option to test audio levels, frequency response, phase response, signal-to-noise ratio, distortion and crosstalk.

The R&S VTC video test system is equipped with an 11-inch touch screen for easy operation. It can also be operated remotely via a LAN or PC or tablet. The VTC video test system supports multiple languages ​​including Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Its VXI-11 interface allows users to easily integrate VTC into an automated test system. VTC provides users with a future-proof, scalable platform that allows users to configure and upgrade VTCs to meet new standards and technologies based on their specific testing needs. The investment in VTC will never be outdated.

Rohde & Schwarz's R&S VTC video test system and the latest R&S VT-B2360/2361 HDMI Receive Test Option, as well as various software test modules will be released in August 2012. All options also apply to the R&S VTS compact video tester and the R&S VTE video tester.

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