Pulse width adjustment automobile LED lighting scheme

January 26, 2021

Safe driving is a hot spot that has been widely concerned since the advent of the vehicle, and related technologies are constantly improving. Pulse width modulation is a very effective technique to control the analog circuit by using the digital output of the microprocessor. What kind of improvement will the pulse width adjustment technology use in the field of automotive lighting?

【An Introduction】

As the demand for safe driving continues to increase, the Daily Running Lamp (DRL) is gradually gaining consumer recognition as a vehicle signal light, and with the implementation of domestic DRL regulations a few years later, this has been relatively Less involved areas will become a huge market. Due to the requirement of DRL itself for the life of lamps, LEDs are superior to traditional halogen lamps in all aspects; and with the mature price of LED technology and domestic demand for energy saving and emission reduction, automotive exterior lighting will gradually move closer to LED overall lighting. . On the power LED, the pulse width modulation (PWM) scheme is superior to the linear driver scheme for the sake of luminous efficiency.

[program features]

This drive solution uses the driver chip TLD5097EL, which is a DC-DC pulse width adjustment type of lamp control scheme. It also supports digital and analog dimming mode. The external connection circuit realizes the buck-boost topology to realize the load LED. Constant current control; In addition, the TLD5097EL integrates protection functions for over temperature, over voltage and no load, and provides a status output interface for diagnostics of load conditions.

[System Block Diagram]

【main part】

Pulse width adjustment automobile LED lighting scheme


TLD5097EL: LED driver circuit master chip

IPD25N06S4L-30: Switching MOSFET for Topology Circuitry

On semi:

MBRS3100T3: Schottky diode used in topology circuits

[Scheme application]

Car DRL, headlights and fog lights

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