Presupposition of materialized and beautified lamps in inland new tunnels

September 08, 2019

It takes about 20 minutes to traverse the entire tunnel. In the process, because there is no natural light in the cave, the landscape is very monotonous and repeated by a single tunnel light, which is very likely to cause visual fatigue of the driver, thus increasing the The probability of occurrence of a dangerous accident. According to the research of the world-famous SINTEF company, if the special lighting belt can be scientifically set, the average speed can be reduced, and the driver's irritability, fatigue, anxiety and other bad feelings can be effectively reduced, and the comfort and safety can be increased. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, the design of the special lighting belt, the Norwegian LARDALS tunnel has been tried and used, but in the end did not get rid of the idea of ​​pure color fluorescent lighting.

The purpose of our research on the setting of special lighting belts is to show the visual scenes of different landscapes in nature in this special lighting belt through reasonable allocation of lighting and landscape, giving people the feeling of being outside the cave. For example, through the widening and transformation of the top and side walls of the cave, supplemented by special lighting forms and landscape configurations, scenes such as blue sky and white clouds, green trees and red flowers, and clouds and sky are formed to form a certain dynamic effect and ease driving. The visual fatigue of the staff increases comfort and safety.

Design points are well known. To solve the worldwide problem of using lighting equipment to realize special lighting segments in highway tunnels, we must first make breakthroughs and innovations in design. Through careful discussion and communication, we have confirmed the following principles: (1) The setting of special lighting belts must not cause any new safety hazards to normal tunnel use; (2) It is not necessary to simply install lamps for lighting, but Through the reasonable setting of the landscape, lighting fixtures and other elements in the cave, a simple and comprehensive comprehensive visual landscape effect is formed; (3) through the development and selection of special lamps, the artificial landscape formed is finally close to the natural landscape. The dynamic effect; (4) According to the natural, early, middle and late natural time series setting, the lighting effect is formed to form a dynamic effect corresponding to the outside of the hole, so that the landscape of the special light band is more realistic. (5) In the realization of these three natural time and space segments, it is necessary to create a paradise in nature. Therefore, the landscape of this special light segment is more in line with the environmental awareness. (6) Minimize the power consumption of the lighting system and reduce the operating cost of the project by real-time control of the panoramic segments implemented by the advanced high-efficiency lighting fixtures.

Means of implementation In order to achieve the design goals, it is necessary to properly configure the lighting and auxiliary landscapes: (1) According to the prior calculation, according to the width of the chamber, a light stand is placed above the bridge, and two rows of different power blue floodlights are installed to the hole. The top projection, the illumination is 50 71lx. The entire dome is evenly illuminated in blue. (2) Re-use the pattern projection lamp to project the pre-made white cloud image onto the wall above the side to enhance the effect of the sky, 400 500lx. The blue sky and white clouds effect float on the upper part of the tunnel, giving the driver time and space. feel. (3) On both sides of the road, it is possible to reasonably set the landscape such as stone scene and simulated plants, and give reasonable illumination, so that the effect can be more vivid and vivid on the basis of the special lighting effect of the special light belt.

Features and innovations can be said that the entire goal of a special light segment is to create a landscape. Create a blue sky and white clouds outside the cave. Of course, the more similar the natural landscape outside the cave, the better the effect. In the engineering design stage, we found that there is no ready-made case for us to learn from, and there is no ready-made luminaire that can be used to form a blue sky and white clouds effect on the top of the cave. R&D and innovation are needed for this.

Separating the blue sky and white clouds separately, the primary task of solving large-area imaging problems should be to focus on how to create a realistic light effect of blue sky and white clouds through the configuration of special lamps combined with the projected tunnel space. We have tried to use a large computer light to project the pre-made effect image on the top surface of the cave at a time, and use multiple stitching methods to achieve the desired landscape effect. But the end result is that the proportion of blue sky and white clouds is not right, or the level of the blue sky and white clouds landscape is extremely poor, and it is impossible to splicing more than two patterns together.

We can conclude from this that it is impossible to image a large-area pattern on the top of a horizontally conical shape. If the blue sky and white clouds can be imaged separately on the top of the hole, this problem can be solved: a few blue casts can be used. The light illuminates the entire top of the cave to create a blue sky effect, while several imaging lights are used to image the white clouds separately on the top of the cave. Once this concept was put forward, everyone’s ideas suddenly became clear. In the end, we use the floodlights to create a blue sky, which will create a bright day; the white light with the pattern lights, successfully sketched the sky close to the real. Three-dimensional white cloud pattern, solve the problem of pattern fidelity Through the above analysis, we believe that the key to the creation of blue sky and white clouds is white clouds. Clouds are suspended in the air in nature, giving people three-dimensional concepts and feelings. So we have to cross the two levels of the cloud pattern. The first is to remove the blue of the blue sky in the original photo, and the second is to perform deep stereo processing on the white clouds. We work with the world's leading companies to use the best technology and the best materials to make the cloud image on the top of the cave, and then float like in the air.

The pattern lamp is engineered to solve the problem of long-term use. Because the special lighting belt environment basically needs to be used for 24 hours, the tunnel environment has the characteristics of large dust, high humidity and large vibration, so it is necessary to select the pattern lamp reasonably and reliably, so that the special light belt Become a quality and reliable project and use it for a long time to achieve our goals.

If you use traditional stage imaging luminaires, you must face the difficulties of poor protection, short life, and large size, and you can hardly use them in tunnels. We have developed a new luminaire according to the environmental requirements of the tunnel. The protection level is IP65, and the shockproof performance also meets the requirements. Compared with the Norwegian LARDALS tunnel scheme, the color halide index of the metal halide lamp used in this scheme is above 90, which is much higher than that of ordinary fluorescent lamps. The average life of metal halide lamps is about 10,000 hours, which is much higher than ordinary fluorescent lamps, which can effectively reduce maintenance. The number and cost.

The sky inside the tunnel will landscape the lighting project and solve the problem of simplification of the visual landscape. The special lighting belt is not a simple environmental lighting project, but a landscape construction project. Simply using the lighting method can only form a flat, single effect on one surface, and must not achieve the intended purpose. Trees, flowers and other landscape elements must be properly arranged. On both sides of the tunnel of the special lighting section, we have specially configured a variety of artificial trees and lawns. Under the illumination of the lights, they are lush and lush, all lifelike and springful. The cavern is more humane!

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