Power Tool Battery & Charger - Power Tool

September 23, 2018

Model NO.: G100-12F
Size: 170 X 70 X 51mm
Certification: RoHS, UL, CE
Socket Type: UL, VDE, PSE, UK, SAA...
Recyclable: Recyclable
for Use: Standard Battery
Case: PC+ABS Plastic
Color: Black
Customized: Yes
Recovery Function: Yes
Short Circuit Protection: Yes
MCU Controller: Yes
Reverse Potection: Yes
LED Display: Yes
Delivery Date: 2-3weeks
Trademark: Green
Transport Package: Industrial Packaging
Specification: 14.4V 4.5A
Origin: China
HS Code: 8504409990

                   Power Tool Battery & Charger - Power Tool


    • Specification
      Input: 100~240V
      Output: 14.4V 4.5A
      Charge Process: CC(pre-charge)-CC(bulk)-CV-cutoff
      Charger Indicator: With 20%~100% 4 LEDs Battery Meter
      Output Protections: Short-circuit, Reverse Polarity...
      Safety Approval: CE cUL Approved
      Size: 170 x 71 x 41mm (plastic)
      Suit for Battery: 12.8 Volt  (4Cells)  4~25Ah LiFePo4 Battery Charger

G100-12F family products are main member of Green Digital Power-tech Co., Ltd. It represents today's new technology for 12.8V 4 Cell LiFePo4 battery pack charging. G100-12F programmed 4 auto stages (Pre-CC-CV-Cutoff) charging process, It is designed for 3~25Ah LiFePo4 battery pack. Stage "Pre" is a pre-charge function for deep discharged battery pack, this is helpful for battery's cycle life. The pre-charge current is less than 1/3 C.C value. When the battery recovered by pre-charge small current, stage "CC" will give constant current charging, the charge current up to 90W. Then, "CV" stage is followed, the output voltage is limited on C.V value, until the charge current declined to 1/8 C.C. At this stage, the battery is charged completely and the charger will cut off output automatic.
Further, G100-12F can display the charging process, indicate the battery capacity from 25% to 100% timely. This is helpful for user.
For more safety, G100-12F will inter protection mode when the battery polarity reversed our the output connectors shorted. 
General Specification for G100-12F
Input Voltage:  AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Input Current:  Max. 1.6A
Max. 1.6A
Output G100-12F G100-12L G100-24F G100-24L G100-36L G100-36F G100-48F G100-48L
C.V 14.4V 16.8V 28.8V 29.4V 42.0V 43.2V 54.0V 54.6V
C.C 5.0A 4.5A 2.8A 2.8A 2.0A 2.0A 1.7A 1.7A
Operating -20ºC~40ºC
Cooling No fan designing, natural convection. Do not cover the charger.
Charge process Auto 4 stages: Pre-CC-CV-Cutoff
Cut-off when charge finished.
Battery 12.8V 4 Cell LiFePo4 Battery-pack.
Size 170 x 70 x 51mm
Enclosure ABS+PC Plastic housing, inlet type C8 or C14
Weight 400g
How to use:
1.Connect the AC cord to the socket, The "power" lamp will light on solid. 
2.Connect positive charger clip (red) to positive battery terminal, the black clip to negative. (You can use other dc plugs to connect battery), the "25%~100%" lamps will light on flowing. If the battery polarity reversed or output shorted, "Warning" lamp will flashing, please check the setup.
3.Depend on the charged capacity, 25%~100% lamps will lights up solid sequence, until the battery is fully charged. Then you can power off the charger and disconnect the battery or you can charge a new battery if you need.
An example shows the duration of 80% state charged for an empty battery.
Battery capacity G100-24L
3.2Ah 1.5 hours
7.0Ah 3 hours
12Ah 5 hours
25Ah 10 hours

Power Tool Battery & Charger - Power Tool
Power Tool Battery & Charger - Power Tool