Panel factory hits inventory LED factory suffers

June 03, 2019

Driven by the demand for lighting and backlights, the original LED manufacturers are quite optimistic about the third quarter of the peak season. They are expected to continue to climb revenues. However, due to the panel makers starting to lose inventory, some panel customers will be under LEDs in July. The single volume began to shrink, and the outside world expects the backlight revenue to account for a relatively high number of manufacturers. The third quarter revenue may not be as optimistic as previously estimated.

The panel factory tends to be conservative in the third quarter, and the problem of order reduction is likely to spread to the most upstream LED factory. It is understood that this panel factory that reduces LED procurement is mainly based on Korean, and then it is part of the Chinese factory. LED manufacturers with a large proportion of revenue from Korean backlights may have a greater impact on revenue in the third quarter.

Jingdian admits that some customer orders are indeed down, but since the orders are still larger than the production capacity, this part will be compensated by other customer orders, so it does not affect the overall revenue performance.

The upstream epitaxial manufacturer, Yuan Yuan, pointed out that the round is affected by the inventory of the panel factory. The main reason is that the customer is changing the specifications of the LED die. After the fourth season, the new LED products are expected to start shipping; The demand for lighting for half a year has also risen further. The current order status is still good. The monthly revenue of the company is expected to continue its growth momentum.

Taigu Optoelectronics analysis, the current order is no problem in the third quarter, after all, the difference between orders and production capacity is still quite large, the current market estimates that the global LED TV shipments this year, 36 million units, "even if LED TV shipments only half With 18 million units left, there is still a gap in LED shipments to meet demand."

Since Dongbei (2499) Korean panel customers account for a certain proportion, the outside world is also very concerned about the situation in the third quarter. Dongbei said that the panel factory inventory is mainly in the CCFL (cold cathode tube), as to whether the inventory problem affects Dongbei's third quarter revenue, you still need to observe.

The legal person pointed out that the Korean panel factory has changed its specifications at the end of last year. Now Korean manufacturers are updating the next generation of LED die products during the period from July to August, when the market conditions are unknown. It is estimated that LED manufacturers will receive revenue after the launch of new products in September. It is expected to regain momentum.

Although Jingdian and Yuanyuan have not yet announced revenue, the legal person estimates that the revenue of Jingdian and Yuanyuan in July is expected to grow faster than that in June, and the revenue will continue to record high; yesterday (4) Dingyuan (2426), Yiquan ( 2486), Hong Qi (6168) announced its July revenue, and its revenues all recorded record highs.

Huaxing (6164) consolidated revenue in July was 169 million yuan, a slight decrease from the record high of 164 million yuan in June. Huaxing pointed out that due to the low season lighting customers entering the traditional off-season in the third quarter, it is estimated that the third quarter revenue It will be reduced by about 10% from the second quarter.

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