Overall satisfaction, details need to improve — IKBC F87 mechanical keyboard shallow evaluation

October 15, 2021

Novices write reviews for the first time. What is wrong with this? Please laugh out loud.

Well, I started to enter the real topic.

Some time ago, I undoubtedly read a website's evaluation of the mechanical keyboard. Calculate carefully, I used the most expensive keyboard is now home a Logitech Bluetooth mouse, also a hundred blocks.

Began to think that mechanical keyboard may be two or three hundred to get it, and later found himself too naive. Taobao laps, found two or three hundred also, even more than a hundred, but careful study of those who can only say that the toy, some no-name manufacturers do. Therefore, after some comparisons, the budget has also been raised and the budget is between 400 and 500.

As a qiong (bi) person, the principle of cautious hand-holding has always been held with respect to shopping. So studied the technical research of the mechanical keyboard, from the composition of the shaft, to the material of the keycap, as well as the introduction of various brands, have a general understanding of the mechanical keyboard.

The first axis identified cherry, learned the characteristics of the various axes, and finally chose a red axis that was recommended more. Then he went to cherry's Tmall shop to start a tour. Honestly speaking, cherry's own keyboard shape design, too much like a bully, and not very like this style, of course, the most critical or a little expensive, over budget! Flico is a direct pass, looks good, but not enough money to afford.

Finally locked the two brands of Gaussian and Ikbc, the two households are cherry axis, so the axis is still quite satisfactory. From the sales comparison point of view, ikbc's sales are relatively high, so I finally love the IKBC, and Gauss I want to buy that section out of stock, other models do not like it.

Reasons to purchase

Tangled me, Ikb probably studied under, but fortunately Ikbc model is not a lot, or I will be more tangled.

The first to actually buy the poker series, the style is simple, and the unused keys are all cut down to the extreme. But then I think of myself as a copywriter dog, usually nothing but like to take pictures to repair the map, the arrow keys are still essential, so it is best to lock the C8, G87, F87 these three.

The beginning is ready to start with Taobao, but found that ikbc did not have a Tmall shop at Taobao, and heard that some of the imitation products on mechanical keyboards were a bit more, and most people would not necessarily distinguish them. Then he moved to Jingdong. Jingdong ikbc only had C87 and F87. There was no G series, so G87 passed it.

In fact, I started to buy a single c87, after all, cheaper than the f87 one hundred, but after two hours of orders, I quickly retire a single. Because he usually does not like to turn on the lights at night with computers, the skill of blind fighters is not completely skilled, so sometimes when writing something, the problem of pressing the wrong key still appears. So decisively canceled C87, replaced with a backlight F87.

Began to want to buy white, but the white backlight is blue, too cool, do not like, I like simple. So finally selected the black white red axis version, payment and other receipt.

Appearance Gallery

Time flies at your fingertips, feeling like you want to lose time.

Supporting dust cover, the feeling is a packaging shell, the key person is poor or cracking, too lazy to change.

The family portrait, sent 2 color 10 keycaps, feel good not to feel good on the keyboard.

There are two feet on each side of the foot, two angle adjustments can be made, but the height of the keyboard itself is enough.

experience feelings

Simply speaking about personal experience, after all, using a mechanical keyboard for the first time, and not feeling other axes and other brands. So you can only talk about your feelings.

First of all, I didn't have to feel the touch. I felt really cool when I pressed it. I went back to the original membrane keyboard and I didn't feel anything. This is the first mechanical keyboard I use. It is also the first time I use the red axis. Compared to other axes, I can't compare it. I can only say that the red axis is more suitable for individuals. The power touches are all pretty good. Yesterday, the keyboard wrote a manuscript. The hand did not feel sour. The keyboard had been writing something for a long time. The hand was a bit sour.

Talk about the work, the keyboard work feel is still very real, heavy in the hand, I feel right from the price. The keycap is the official announcement of ABS material. This material is said to be worn for a long time, so I feel this is not very good, after all, C87 is using PBT keycaps. There are a few colored keycaps that I want to send to Tucao. I don't feel that I have a good touch.

To talk about the lights of this keyboard, you may be very concerned about this keyboard in the promotion of the main time machine function, the so-called redefinition of time. I just want to say that this function really is not as good as the fact that my cell phone has an alarm clock. This time machine, in simple terms, is the keyboard can be set to a countdown, the longest can be set for 129 minutes, then the last minute, the keyboard light will start one by one to extinguish, after the extinguishment of the entire backlight does not stop flashing, Remind you that time is up. So, do you think that it's not as fast as your cell phone set an alarm clock? As for the backlighting effect, let's take a look at the official demonstration. Anyway, I just need a long light on it. There is also a light grouping function. You can set the lights that only light up some of the key positions. There are a total of 9 groups that can be programmed. It is also an extra feature for me. The brightness of the backlight can be adjusted to a certain degree. At night, the glare can be dimmed. This function is also more intimate. For the lights, there is still a certain problem, I think some say that the lighting effect will be saved after a good adjustment, but I have to re-adjust the lighting effect after each boot, do not know whether other friends can save, anyway, my every Second time to re-adjust.

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