Order return IC factory is working well in the first quarter

September 27, 2019

The analogy of the 4th quarter of last year's analog IC factory was a bitter green. The industry originally expected that the first quarter of this year's results may continue to bottom out, but benefited from Europe and the United States Christmas and Chinese Lunar New Year buying better than expected, ODM/OEM factory and IC distributors smoothly Demand inventories in the hands of the analog IC market in the first quarter of this year unexpectedly improved. Due to customer backfilling of inventory orders and IDM's stoppage of price cuts, industry operators said that not only did they see Chunyan, but orders could also be described as “spring blossoms”.

Thanks to the massive return of orders, and the first quarter operating performance will turn off in the off-season, the analog IC stocks turned red yesterday. They are Li Zhi, Zhi Xin, Xie Bike, Nexen, Tong Jia, Ling Yao, F-IML An En, etc. Both rose by more than half of the suspension, becoming the hottest sub-industry group among IC design stocks.

Taiwan’s analog IC factory suffered from turbulence in the second half of last year due to poor computer and panel markets, which led to weak seasons in the third quarter and weaker off-season in the fourth quarter, while international IDM plants such as Texas Instruments slashed prices. It also caused a significant decline in ASP, including companies such as Lishui, Zhixin, Xiebianke, and Tongjia. In the fourth quarter of last year, the revenue was disastrous. The quarterly reduction rate ranged from 12% to 18%.

The industry originally expected the market demand for analog ICs in the first quarter of this year to remain weak. However, after the Lunar New Year holiday, the market economy unexpectedly reversed. One of the reasons is that the client starts to cover up inventory, among which the demand for panel-related power management ICs is the best, followed by the related power management of Netcom equipment and mobile devices or other special analog ICs. Although the demand for the computer motherboard power management IC is flat, the customer gives The three-month forecast of orders also rebounded.

In addition, last year, the US Department of IDM plant price reduction rob single action, but since January of this year, IDM plant has no longer cut prices rob single, because the customer began to expand the scope of pull goods, orders shipped back up to more than 1 plus customers Most of the chips used in the product line in the first half of the year have been finalized, so there is no need to lower prices. This is also a good news for the Taiwan analog IC factory.

Analog IC companies said that although there was an urgent order at the end of last year, the overall global manager uncertainty at that time was still high, and it is estimated that the first quarter of this year's revenue may have to decline by another 5% to 10%, but with the Lunar New Year The new wave of urgent single influx, quarterly revenue reduction rate has been substantially reduced to less than 5%, panel, Netcom, mobile devices, etc. accounted for relatively high in the industry, such as Li Ye, Zhi Xin, analogy, F-IML security En, etc., have the opportunity to increase revenue by about 2% to 10% from the fourth quarter of last year.

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