Operational amplifier composed of step wave generator circuit and principle analysis

October 09, 2019

The figure shows a staircase wave generator circuit composed of an operational amplifier .

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Operational amplifiers form a staircase wave generator circuit diagram

The staircase signal generated by the staircase wave generator is useful in radio telemetry, FM signal tape recording, and digital voltmeter. Sometimes it is used as a comparison reference voltage. There are many methods for generating staircase waves. The illustrated circuit is a more practical circuit. In the figure, A1, A3 can use 5G23, A2 can use F007, and other models can be selected according to actual conditions.


A.Structural design: It adopts the reasonable "sandwich" phase line compact lamination structure design. The busbar is more compact in shape and smaller in volume, and the dynamic and thermal stability of the busbar system is enhanced.
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C.Fire resistance: Insulating resin is self-extinguishing insulating material, and fire resistance is class A;It can work in 950-1000 ºC fire more than 90 minutes, and keep the lines do not be interrupted.And the insulating resin contains no halogens and will not release harmful gases at high temperatures.
D.Corrosion resistance: Epoxy resin castable in Pouring Waterproof Busbar has excellent corrosion resistance and can effectively resist the corrosion of various chemicals.
E.Mechanical properties:It can withstand mechanical impact of 6 joules to ensure the safety of use and has good explosion-proof performance.
F.All-weather product:Using product is not restricted by altitude;Can work long time in the environment of the -40 ºC .Insulating resin will not crack.It can be used for a long time in the environment with the highest pollution level (level 4) both indoor and outdoor.

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