Mobile DIY: Wireless charging mobile power supply

September 15, 2020

Teach you how to make mobile power supply for wireless charging mobile power method! How to make wireless charging mobile power for mobile power, I believe many people have not heard of it, but it is not difficult to imagine. Wireless charging mobile power production, this mobile power supply based on low cost, simple and easy to do, can let everyone enjoy the joy of DIY, here to send a super simple and easy to do wireless charging mobile power production method! The selection of materials before mobile power production is very important!

Wireless charging solution|Qi standard PCBA

Wireless charging mobile power production selection materials:

1. Battery core: One or more of the high capacity, can be used in parallel.

2. Homemade PCBA: Homemade Wireless Charger PCBA

Technical Parameters

Input interface: MICIR USB input interface

Input voltage: 5V

Output voltage: 5V

Output current: 5V/1A

Conversion efficiency: 76% or more

Other functions: can charge other external devices on the tablet through the USB socket output

3.A5 transmitting coil: A5 transmitting coil QI standard

4. Battery protection board: used to protect the battery. Prevent battery overshoot, over discharge, over current, and short circuit.

5. Packaging: It is best to have a suitable shell, and there is nothing to do with it. Other, adhesive tape, scissors, etc.

Wireless charging mobile power production method:

If you want to make a 5V mobile phone wireless charging mobile power, it is generally to buy a few lithium batteries (depending on the capacity), and then buy a boost circuit board with charge and discharge protection (3.7 boost 5V), Buy another mobile power box and assemble it.

If you do a 19V note wireless charging mobile power, it is generally to buy a few more lithium batteries (depending on your capacity) + one A5 three transmitting coils, (protection board is best to buy with balanced charging function, charging Each battery can be fully charged. Without a balanced charge, if your voltage is not the same, it will charge one of them to 4.2V, and the other does not matter) + a high-power booster board ( 16 boost 19V, preferably 50W or more to bring it easy to heat less) + a mobile power box +16.8V charger If you want to display the power, then buy a voltage display module! It's ok to assemble it.

Three-coil wireless charging solution | three-coil Qi standard solution

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