Maanshan High-tech Steady Optoelectronics signed about 300 million LED projects

January 30, 2019

Maanshan City Development Zone has also made new breakthroughs in attracting investment. On the morning of April 26, the high-tech project with a total investment of 300 million yuan was officially signed at the Nanhu Hotel. City leaders Ding Haizhong, Zhang Yingmin, Yan Linchun, Fang Xiaoli, etc., the president of Jiangsu Wenrun Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and the executive director of China Optical Association Optoelectronic Devices Branch (National LED Association) Guo Yuguo attended the signing ceremony. Jin Chao, director of the Municipal Development Zone Management Committee and Zhou Guangyue, chairman of Shanghai Guohui Co., Ltd., signed the contract on behalf of both parties.

It is understood that the total investment of Zhenrun Optoelectronic LED products, which is planned to be invested in the Municipal Economic and Technological Development Zone, is 300 million yuan. The main business is LED packaging industry. The products include various LED single lamps (including CHIPLED surface mount products) and various types. Flat panel displays, various types of lighting indicators and LED applications. The project belongs to the high-tech industry encouraged by the state, and LED is a high-tech product encouraged by the state. The proposed investment of Anhui Wenrun Photoelectric Co., Ltd. will reach 50 million yuan in the first phase, and the sales in the first year after commissioning will not be less than 60 million yuan. In 5 years, it can reach a sales scale of 1 billion yuan per year, and become a leading enterprise in the domestic LED industry. While basing on the packaging industry, the company will also actively extend the industrial chain to upstream chips and downstream applications, and strive to build LED high-tech industrial clusters in the city development zone.

Before the signing ceremony, Ding Haizhong, secretary of the municipal party committee, met with Mr. Guo Yuguo, the president of Jiangsu Wenrun Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhou Guangyue, the chairman of Shanghai Guohui Co., Ltd., and the two parties. The two sides made a frank discussion on the development of the stable and stable LED project. Friendly conversation.

On behalf of the municipal party committee, the municipal government and several groups of the city, Ding Haizhong expressed warm welcome to the arrival of the company's guests. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the stable executive team for finalizing the LED project in Ma Onshan in a relatively short period of time. He said that as always, he will continue to create a good investment environment for Wenrun Optoelectronics, provide quality services, and require the development zone to fulfill its commitments, do its best to provide services, accelerate the construction of the project, and strive to put the project into operation as soon as possible and benefit early.

Guo Yuguo said that the stable LED project chose to settle in Ma'anshan, which was attracted by Maanshan's superior investment hard environment and soft environment. It was attracted by the leaders of Maanshan for the professionalism, enthusiasm, efficiency and active support of the high-tech industry. He believed in both sides. With the joint efforts, the goal of building the LED and semiconductor lighting industry in Maanshan will be realized.


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