Liyuan Information invested 63.28 million to expand LED lighting and switching power supply and other fields

October 09, 2019

Liyuan Information announced that it plans to continue to expand its product range and quantity with RMB 63.28 million of super-raised funds, which will focus on expansion of portable medical electronic products, LED lighting and switching power products, power electronics, video and surveillance products, and financial electronics. Integrated circuits and electronic components and connector connectors and passive components in products and other fields.

Liyuan Information stated that it plans to increase the available products to more than 250 million kinds within 3 years, initially achieving basic coverage of general-purpose integrated circuit products and timely updating the supply capacity of the latest application-type integrated circuit products, and supporting the establishment of world-class products. The standard global shipping center will eventually establish full coverage of semiconductor products.

The Ultrasonic Sensor is a device for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves during ultrasonic testing.The performance of the probe has a direct influence on the characteristics of ultrasonic wave.

The probe used in ultrasonic testing is a transducer for electric energy and acoustic energy conversion using piezoelectric effect of materials.The key component in the probe is a chip, a single crystal or polycrystalline wafer with piezoelectric effect, which converts electricity and sound to one another.

FBELE pursued sensing functions making full use of MEMS and processing technology, and magnetoresistive elements including ceramic material technology in order to develop highly efficient and highly reliable devices, modules and systems. 
A lineup of various sensors respond to the sensing needs of various applications for automobile, wearable, medical care and health care.

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