Liard announces the initial public offering of shares on March 2nd online roadshow

October 09, 2019

Liard Optoelectronics released an initial public offering of shares and an online roadshow announcement on the GEM. The initial public offering of no more than 25 million ordinary shares (A shares), and the application for listing on the GEM has been approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) [2012] No. 177.

The issuance adopts a combination of offline inquiry and placement of stock placement objects and online pricing to public investors. The offline placement accounts for 20.00% of the total issuance, that is, 5 million shares; For the total amount of this issue, the final circulation is under the net.

In order to facilitate the public investors to understand the issuer's relevant situation, development prospects and related arrangements for this issuance, the issuer and the sponsor of this issuance (lead underwriter) CITIC Jiantou Securities Co., Ltd. is scheduled for 2012 3 On the 2nd of the month, an online roadshow was held on the Panorama Network.


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