Leifford wants to enter the high-end market in Europe and America to achieve domestic and international business growth

April 14, 2021

Recently, at the 9th Anniversary of Leifford, the theme of “New Starting Point, Hand in Hand” held at Shenzhen Qilin Villa, Leifford released new products such as the third generation of American standard panel lamp power supply, and discussed industry trends with experts. .

Zhou Honglin, general manager of Shenzhen Leifford Photoelectric Co., Ltd. told reporters that Laiford insisted on independent research and development. At present, it has more than 100 patents. More than 100 products are sold well in the domestic market, and some products are exported to Europe, America, Brazil, India and Russia. Currently, Layford Power has accounted for 30% to 40% of the domestic and international markets. He said that Leifford is confident and will be based on the high-end capital market in Europe and the United States, achieving IPO listing and fully occupying the high-end market in Europe and America.

According to incomplete statistics, the number of Chinese lighting companies has reached more than 20,000. In 2016, China's LED lighting industry has entered the era of low profit. Dou Linping, secretary-general of the China Lighting Society, said that the survival of the fittest in the market has caused more and more enterprises to awaken, and technological innovation is the way to survive. Some of the strategic LED LED LED companies have adopted measures such as independent innovation, patent application, improved design and process to reduce costs, and occupied high-end markets such as Europe and the United States with lean quality and excellent technology, and achieved steady growth in domestic and international business.

According to the area of the screen body, the column display is divided into two types: single column and double column: mostly used for outdoor advertising, with a wide field of vision and relatively empty surroundings, such as squares, parking lots, and traffic intersections. In addition to the steel structure of the screen body, the column type also needs to be made of concrete or steel columns, which must mainly consider the geological conditions of the foundation.

Outdoor-P4-LED-Display-Single-Double-Stand (1)

In terms of Indoor Led Display area, the design of its steel structure should consider factors such as foundation, wind load, earthquake magnitude, water resistance, dust resistance, ambient temperature, and lightning protection. Auxiliary equipment such as lighting, as well as maintenance facilities such as roads and ladders. The entire outdoor screen structure must meet the protection level above IP65.

Outdoor-P4-LED-Display-Single-Double-Stand (2)

Column LED Display

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