Laughter to the last or LED store

December 05, 2020

Laughter to the last or LED store

The impact of e-commerce has caused fears and uneasiness among LED lighting physical store operators. This is an inevitable problem that cannot be avoided. However, the winner in the future is a physical store. In this war without gun smoke, whether you can survive, whether you have improved your core competitiveness, whether you quickly strengthen the profitability of the shop in the impact, this is the key.

After each war, some countries will quickly become strong. Each competition and impact will produce some stronger brands. The key is whether you have the confidence to face the competition positively. Do you have a sense of crisis? Just like the competition of mobile phones, Samsung and Apple dared to face competition. In the end, Nokia disappeared. So are you willing to do Nokia or Samsung or Apple? If you dare not face competition, do not think about how to improve the fine management of shops, and do not strengthen your self-cultivation and team building and service system, you may fall in the impact of this e-commerce business. .

Consumers feel and feel that e-commerce cannot do it. To this end, we must strengthen the service system, make precise positioning, identify the target customers, do a good job in the store touched marketing, do a good job of analysis and control of store data, do a good job of store goods management, store personnel management, store management, inventory management , VIP management, sales management, promotion management and so on. In this war, your competitors have fallen and you are the winner of the future!

International senior trends forecasting expert, Daiivd Shah, head of the fashion Bible “VIEW” magazine, predicts that “regardless of the strong momentum of e-commerce, physical stores will definitely become the final winner!” on the theme “Youth Times At the end of the mini-learning seminar on the avant-garde lifestyle, Daivd shah, the world's leading expert in forecasting trends and the leader of the fashion Bible “VIEW”, pointed to the trend of future consumer trends. The future of physical stores finds excitement.

He believes that e-commerce and traditional retail may not be repulsive in the future, but attract each other. “The development of the network is a long process. From the current point of view, the development of the Chinese network follows the countries of Europe and the United States. In 1985, people’s dress was still lagging behind. At the 2008 Olympic Games, the Chinese people’s dress has become an international trend. In an objective sense, China still follows the popular system in Europe and the United States. Nowadays, more and more people realize that the future network sales cannot completely occupy the commercial market, and the future must be a slowly-integrated one. Process." David Sha said.

When online shopping emerged, the European market also experienced a decline in physical store sales. At that time, the response of European physical stores to online shopping was to immediately add some entertainment content to the stores, such as adding coffee bars, hanging famous pictures in the shops, or getting comfortable and interesting things to attract consumers. In the flagship store in Shanghai's Burberry, Monet's huge paintings were hung. A special promotion was also planned at a department store in London. During the event, all the trademarks of the clothes were removed. There was no business in the store. The theme of the event was called "silence". All came to the shop. The people in the room are lazily or lying or leaning on the sofa to create a special experience for everyone. A large shopping mall in downtown Dubai has also used the length of 8 kilometers to imitate the famous streetscapes of the three major fashion capitals to attract consumers.

"Now, shopping centers are getting bigger and bigger, and they will improve their services." David Sha said that hospitals in Europe are looking at clinics and pharmacists to prescribe medicines, and now they direct their doctors to pharmacies. Serve consumers.

To create a good environment for consumers, customer experience is increasingly important. Although LED products are sold through online channels, the cost of exploiting the market is relatively low, and the market is expanding faster. Manufacturers can sell directly to users, but the characteristics of online sales are the small amount of orders, quantity, plus differences in domestic urban and rural areas, regional differences can not be effectively changed within a short time, there are uneven levels of service delivery logistics industry, with the amount of orders The explosive increase will depend on the manufacturer's ability alone. In terms of product experience: Can not see VS multi-link display product details LED lighting industry is a more special industry, the product involves after-sales installation, maintenance and product applications, involving a wide range. Although relying on the Internet, it can display the details of the product more comprehensively than offline, but unlike general consumer products, it takes more time for technically-aware LED products to allow customers to understand the characteristics of the product. LED products need to demonstrate the ability to control light. Clothing products still have a "color difference" on the e-commerce platform. It is even more difficult to rely on pictures to show the "light experience" on the Internet.

After all, lighting is an experiential product, and consumers still pay more attention to offline experience. LED lamps are fragile goods, how to ensure the integrity of the goods in the delivery process, and how to solve the damage caused by the delivery process, not only the consumer concerns, but also a headache for the business.

In the future, people may enter the physical store to print out their favorite products using a 3D printer according to their own preferences. For online shopping, everyone experiences its convenience and can receive goods at home by typing on the keyboard. However, there may be two changes in the future. One is that future competitors will become friends. For example, a lighting shop may become a furniture city, a lighting shop may become a decoration city, lamps and furniture in a shop, and integration is a future development trend. The other is that more and more business forms will be integrated in the future. Combinations of decoration and decoration, folding shops, etc., adjust products according to customer needs. At the Barcelona airport in Spain, some shops made the style of a rotating stage in the theater. The LED products are decoration materials, and more people tend to go to physical stores to see the effect and quality.

From these phenomena, David Sha believes that physical stores will not die out because of online shopping, and they may adapt to this change to adjust their business models. The future physical store will definitely exist because people have demand and they want to discuss retailing through discussion.

“For a period of time in the future, there will be some nostalgic phenomena in China’s consumer trends, such as the retail model like IKEA. It’s a sensory experience that cannot be replaced. You can go in and buy furniture, you can rest and sleep in it. Then touch these things.” In the future more and more businesses will put the real core technology in physical stores, through the service to meet the sensory needs of customers, entertainment, convenient shopping experience is the key to improving services. E-commerce and physical stores must be integrated. This is only a matter of time. In the next 5 years, traditional physical stores will win!

Actually, the state will also regulate and control policies. Everyone knows that online shopping is becoming more and more difficult and pressure is growing. We can clearly predict that in the future, e-commerce and physical stores must coexist. Because there is competition, it will promote progress between the two. So, dear parents, are you ready?

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