Lamina introduces LED lights that replace halogen bulbs

September 22, 2018

Introduction: Lamina, a developer of high-brightness LEDs, announced the replacement of a 20-watt MR-16-based halogen lamp and a compact fluorescent lamp based on LED. Lamina's SoL MR16 LED integrates a high power light source, optical lens and heat sink. This innovative design is suitable for most existing luminaires, and has the same amount of light as a 20 watt halogen bulb but consumes less than 8 watts.

Lamina's SoL MR16 LEDs are specifically designed to provide the light quality produced by traditional incandescent lamps. The 3050K warm white mild color rendering index value of more than 80 makes these products ideal for replacing halogen lamps. A 4700K higher color temperature lamp is also available. The product will be on display at the 2007 International Light Show in New York, May 8-10.

Frank M. Shinneman, President and CEO of Lamina, said that the SoL MR16 LED light engine has a good return on investment, lamp life of more than 50,000 hours, energy saving, saving traditional lamps to replace cost and lamp replacement cost. The Lamina SoL MR16 LED does not generate heat or UV light in its beam, and does not contain mercury or lead. All Lamina's LED light engines and SoL MR16 LEDs are fully compliant with EU RoHS requirements.

All of Lamina's LED light engines are manufactured using patented packaging technology unique to industry leading LED manufacturers and companies. This technology is a breakthrough in the thermal performance of LED packages, and is an important factor in determining LED life and reliability. Excellent thermal performance with patented packaging technology allows Lamina to bring multiple LEDs together in a small package for higher lumens.

About Lamina Ceramics

Founded in 2001, Lamina Ceramics develops and manufactures ultra-bright LED arrays. As a market leader, the company's Aterion LED illuminator is the world's high brightness standard record holder. Lamina's LED backlight technology and design-developed "multilayer low-temperature sintered metal-based ceramic technology" solves the heat dissipation and drive control technology of high-power LED chip lamps. Lamina's technology has grown 12 years earlier than Sarnoff.

Headquartered in Westampton County, New Jersey (between Princeton and Philadelphia), Lamina Ceramics is a leading manufacturer of automotive components with a footprint of 50,000 square feet. Lamina's team consists of industry-experienced engineers and product professionals focused on designing and creating a long-life, standardized optomechanical machine. Lamina has an industry-leading global sales and distribution network. Investors include Morgenthaler Venture Partners, Sarnoff, Kemet Electronics and SpaceVest.