Japanese LED ceiling lights surged 58% in December 2011

September 20, 2019

A Japanese survey agency pointed out that sales data of 4,000 home electric stores in Japan showed that the sales of ceiling lights installed in ceilings and other places in Japan in December 2011 increased by 58% compared with the same month of 2010, which was due to Japanese consumption. The awareness of energy conservation is high, and the price of products is falling. The sales volume of LED ceiling lamps accounts for 47% of the total, accounting for 15% of the comparison six months ago.

The agency pointed out that the average price of LED ceiling lights in Japan in December 2011 was about 28,000 yen. The price has dropped by 30% in the past year. The sales volume of LED bulbs has increased by 63% compared with the same month of 2010, accounting for 37% of the total bulb sales. %, the ratio has reached a new high since July 2010.


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