ITRI ​​develops intelligent control LED lamps that automatically adjust brightness

October 17, 2019

According to reports, the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute released the "2012 Taiwan International Lighting Technology Exhibition" on the 13th to showcase the latest development of "Smart Control LED Light Steel Frame Lighting", which can automatically adjust the color temperature with time and indoor illumination. Work in a comfortable environment.

ITRI ​​said that “Smart Control LED Light Steel Frame Lighting” is a standard office lighting, which not only replaces the existing traditional T8/T5 lamp, but also matches the intelligent control system developed by ITRI in the back of the lamp. It can independently dim and adjust the color temperature. Usually the color temperature in the morning is about 4000K, about 6000K at noon, and about 3000K in the evening. This set of "Smart Control LED Light Steel Frame Lighting" can automatically adjust the brightness with the increase or decrease of daylight or auxiliary lighting to maintain the same illumination without affecting. Lighting quality, while achieving energy-saving and comfortable working lighting environment, and stylish and thin (2 cm) design, can be designed as a whole with the indoor situation.

ITRI ​​pointed out that LEDs have a long life span. Usually, most of the lamp failures occur in the DC/AC power supply. Therefore, ITRI will further integrate the power supply into the intelligent control system to smoothly reduce costs and extend the use. Life expectancy is expected to be carried out at the end of 2012 or early 2013.

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