Intel will send more than 40 new Xeons in the first half of the year

September 17, 2019

Intel will send more than 40 new Xeons in the first half of the year According to news from server makers, Intel will embark on the server and workstation market in the first half of this year, releasing more than 40 new processors in a row, with as many as 20 each quarter.

In the first quarter, the first two six-core Xeon E5-1660/1650 and a quad-core Xeon E5-1620 are actually single-channel versions of the SNB-E Core i7-3960X/3930K/3820, but they are slightly more expensive. It's $1080, $583, and $294.

The SNB-EP Xeon E5-2600 for the dual-channel market has also made its debut, including seven eight-cores such as the E5-2690, four six-cores such as the E5-2640, and three quad-cores such as the E5-2609, and the E5-2637 dual-core. A total of at least fifteen.

In the second quarter, eleven models of the Ivy Bridge-H2 Xeon E3-1200 v2 series came on. Specifications have been introduced yesterday, with prices ranging from $189-884. There are also seven models that are also used in the two-way market but they have changed. The Xeon E5-2400 series for the LGA1356 package interface is priced at $192-1440.

For low-power platforms, the first eight core E5-2650L and six-core E5-2630L are available in the first quarter and are priced at US$1106 and US$662. In the second quarter, there are eight core E5-2450L and six-core E5-2430L, and the pricing is also 1106. $662.

In addition, the new generation of Poulson Itanium Itanium series will also be launched in the second quarter.

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