How to easily judge the quality of LED lights

April 07, 2020

How to easily judge the quality of LED lights With the vigorous promotion of LED lighting in the country, LED lighting products have rapidly grown and become popular. As LED products are emerging products of the lighting industry, ordinary people are very unfamiliar with them. Even some manufacturers and sellers with poor technology are arbitrarily explaining to customers, resulting in misunderstandings of LED lighting products by ordinary users and LED products. Promotion and use have brought certain obstacles. To help customers understand and judge the quality of LED products properly, the following describes ten simple ways to judge the quality of LED lamps.

1, from the brand's choice. Should choose name brand or trademark with "R" has registered enterprise products, LED lamp glossy appearance, product trademarks, models, specifications, clear and beautiful printed handwriting, there should not be out of paint, uneven color and other phenomena.

2, LED lamps are usually made of aluminum radiator, the greater the contact area of ​​the radiator and air, the better, this is conducive to heat dissipation, the whole lamp is stable, light decay and long life; bulb and ceiling spotlights do not have too big Breathable holes to prevent mosquitoes from creeping in during use, affecting lighting effects or causing unnecessary damage.

3, LED bulbs, ceiling spotlights, track spotlights, if illuminated on a white wall, there should be no obvious color temperature errors such as color spots, color circles, if such phenomena, that lamp beads poor light source.

4. When the LED light is turned on, the time difference between zero-seconds and two-seconds between energization and lamp illumination is a normal phenomenon. Usually, the lamp is driven by a constant current source with an IC integrated circuit, and its steady-state voltage regulation performance Better, stable work.

5, the work of the lamp body heat should not be too high or uneven, if there is such a phenomenon, that the lamp design or production process problems, light fade easily damaged.

6, due to the high brightness of the LED lights, two brands of the same type of lamp, under the same conditions, with the method of direct observation of the eye to compare, it is difficult to determine the level of brightness, and it is also easy to damage the eyesight. Usually, we recommend covering the light source with a white paper, and then comparing the attenuation of the light through the white paper. This makes it easier to see the difference in brightness of the light. The higher the brightness, the better. In addition, the color temperature is closer to the color of sunlight.

7, if the time allows, you can take the same specifications of the two lamps first to do the brightness comparison, and then one of them is continuously lit for a week, and then compared with the previous lamp for brightness comparison, if there is no obvious darkening, This shows that this light fades less and the lamp light source has better quality.

8, for those ceiling spotlights, track lights, high-power integrated light source, COB high-power light source, and can be easily removed under the hood to see the lamp beads of multi-chip products, can be used to see the lamp light source closed eyes, etc. When you turn off the power and turn off your eyes, you will see the remaining light of the chip. If the error of the remaining light disappears too much, it indicates that the quality of the chip is uneven, or the chip is defective. The entire lamp is easily damaged and has a short life span and is not easy to purchase.

9, LED lights in the work, surrounded by refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters and other high-power electrical appliances start, there should not be followed by changes in light and dark, if any such phenomenon, indicating that the LED lights are not constant flow or constant pressure, This has a certain influence on the life of the lamp.

10. There is a spread in the society of judging the quality of the LED light by using a camera on a mobile phone screen to judge whether it is good or not. This is not very accurate in judging whether the light is good or not. Scrolling and flickering in stripes is definitely not good. Scrolling and flickering of stripes is not necessarily good. Because of our different mobile screens and cameras, their scan refresh rate is different, and their sensitivity is also different for those low-end RC drivers.

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