Hong Qi Q1 profit reduction by 62% Q2 fear is lower than Q1

August 06, 2019

[High-tech LED News] Taiwan factory Hongqi (6168) 2011 Q1 consolidated revenue was NT$1,068 million, an annual increase of 31.2%, consolidated gross profit margin fell to 14.72%, operating gross profit was 157 million yuan, an annual decrease of 31.14% The pre-tax surplus was 52.04 million yuan, the post-tax surplus was 35.23 million yuan, the annual decrease was 62.69%, and the earnings per share was 0.18 yuan.

Hong Qi said that after the earthquake in Japan, the market demand was weak, and the doubts about TV material broken chain were not removed, which made Q2 LED TV demand sluggish, while Hongqi LED TV Japanese customers accounted for a certain proportion, so Hongqi Q2 LED TV shipment and performance Will be affected.

Hong Qi estimates that the April revenue is likely to be lower than March, and the Taiwan dollar will rise again, and the Q2 performance is probably lower than Q1.

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