[Home Appliances play bad] DIY cotton candy machine heard that the goddess moved crying!

November 23, 2021

[PConline live] Although the previous DIY refrigerator did not have a cool appearance, the basic cooling effect was still there. This made the liberal arts students who liked “hands-on” interested in DIY. After strong demands from female anchors, this issue of “Home Appliances Play is broken”, the two anchors will take everyone together to use a cotton candy machine with waste materials. ! Then make cotton candy on site!

Starting time: August 29, 2016 15:30

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Live review

Current female anchor: wing

Occupation: PConline Secret Group Editor

Skills: When a man with a kinetic energy of 5 kilometers, the static energy holds a good hand x female

The current male anchor: Sea King

Occupation: PConline Home Appliance Channel Editor

Skills: Professional destruction of the little expert, focus on destruction for 100 years, you can manually remove the aircraft

Of course, like the last time, what we DIY came out was a low-spec version, which was tested and tested on the basis of understanding principles. However, the marshmallow we made should still be eaten.

Marshmallows are like cotton. When the sugar rotates at a high speed in the heating chamber, centrifugal force sprays the syrup from the small holes around the “big bowl”. Because the liquid material cools and solidifies, its volume is related to it. The smaller the volume, the faster it solidifies. The rapid cooling did not allow time for the sucrose molecules to line up neatly, so the huge, fluffy marshmallows in the hands of the children were no longer crystalline but consisted of countless linear, glassy sugars.

This time we first list the materials we need to see if we guess what we can do.

The last DIY refrigerator is still improving, this cotton candy machine can really make cotton candy? Scan code to add our live QQ group, have the opportunity to see the little secret can not be broadcast live! We will still inform you on time before the live broadcast!

Want to interact with the anchor? So please everyone visit our live room to leave a message to the host! Can also join our PConline live QQ exchange group and we have in-depth exchanges, know all without exception, at 9:30 on August 29 we are still alive.

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