High-performance high-voltage inverter has the most growth potential

September 25, 2019

High-performance high-voltage inverter has the most growth potential Today, China's high-voltage inverter is mainly used in large-scale pumps and fans. Energy-conservation-oriented high-voltage frequency conversion has led to more than 40% growth in recent years under the guidance of the national energy-saving emission reduction policy. In the complete set of equipment, the proportion of high-voltage frequency conversion costs is relatively high, so the downstream high-voltage frequency conversion companies are more sensitive to prices, and the advantages of high-voltage frequency conversion of domestic-funded brands are prominent, accounting for 80% of the market share. According to market conditions, high-performance high-voltage inverters are the sub-markets with the greatest potential for growth in high-voltage inverters.

At present, 66% of China's total electricity is consumed on electric motors. To increase the efficiency of the motor itself, the energy-saving potential does not exceed 5%, and the efficiency of the motor drive (frequency conversion) is improved, and the energy-saving potential is up to 30%. High-voltage frequency conversion is mainly based on energy saving. The market launch of high-voltage frequency conversion is very important and is also driven by the national energy-saving emission reduction policy.

As China's industrial model learns from the Soviet Union, there is a large margin in motor design. Most of the time, the load does not reach the rated power of the motor. If you can run at a reduced speed when the motor has not reached the rated load, you can save a lot of energy. Nearly 70% of the loads in high-voltage motors are fans, pumps, and compressors, half of which are suitable for speed control.

In the downstream market, electricity, metallurgy and cement are the largest markets for high-voltage inverters. A total of 600,000 kilowatt power plants, including fans and pumps, have a total of 20 auxiliary engines, 13 of which can be used for high-voltage frequency conversion. A blast furnace needs to be equipped with 10 fans, pumps, and slag pump, all of which can be equipped with high-voltage inverters. A 5000t/d cement production line, including fans and coal mills, requires a total of 11 auxiliary machines, all of which can be equipped with frequency converters.

The high-voltage frequency converter industry gained blowout growth from 2006 to 2008. In 2009, due to the financial crisis, electricity, metallurgy and other industries were hit, the demand for high-voltage inverters slowed down and delivery was delayed. As a result, the market growth rate in 2009 dropped sharply, but it still maintained positive growth. At present, the market tends to be stable, and the future demand growth rate is maintained at more than 30%.

Domestic manufacturers have great advantages. The history of high-voltage frequency conversion into the domestic market is less than 20 years. Before 2000, the high-voltage frequency converter market was less than 500 million yuan. Due to the high price, enterprises rarely install high-voltage frequency conversion equipment except for a few national key projects. Since 2005, the cost performance of high-voltage inverters in China has risen significantly, and it has just hit the national "Eleventh Five-Year" energy-saving policy. Domestic brands gradually seize the market and enjoy the dividends brought about by the growth of the industry.

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