Guo Yunping: Find the most suitable channel and development method for LED

December 05, 2019

On August 18th, at the CMO conference of the 9th High-tech LED Industry Summit Forum, applause took place one after another. The theme of the conference was “Brand Winning, Channels Are King.” The conference attracted more than 100 guests from the LED industry. Due to the full seats, some of the audience even stood at the gates and walkways.

Guo Yunping, chief consultant of the Eagle Geese team, said that the channels that LED can tackle are: engineering dealer channels, professional engineering channels, lighting store sales channels, OEM channels, invisible channels, wholesale or hardware channels, supermarket channels. He believes that the most effective channel for LED companies is professional engineering channels. To successfully tackle this field, the best terminal display is the sample project, and more importantly, a consultative marketing team is needed.

He pointed out that the current best investment target for LED companies, currently speaking, the domestic first-line brands, Philips, Osram, GE. Domestic second-tier dealers are engineering dealers and they are the best partners. If you can't choose them, you can choose the dealers of commercial lighting such as NVC, Op, Sanxiong Aurora, Jiamei, etc., will become the second choice. The dealers in Zhongshan Guzhen are the best in living. They open the market network by telephone or network. But their prices are also very low. Such enterprises, in the future, strong brand intervention, their living space will be small.

PVC insulated shielding installation cables(wires) are electrical cables that contain insulating conductors encased in a standard conductive layer. It features an outside layer or [shield" of conductive material around the internal conductors, which is connected to earth. The shield can be made from strands of braided copper (or a similar metal), a spiral copper tape, or some other conducting polymer.  The conductive shield can reflect or conduct external interference away without it affecting the signals in the internal conductors. This cable is most often found in industrial settings and installations where other nearby equipment is likely to generate electromagnetic interference (EMI).

 conductive shield electrical  wires


  • Superior crosstalk and EMI performance
  • Against electromagnetic interference
  • Chemical & acid resistance
  • Large tensile strength
  • Excellent elasticity and stickiness





Rated Voltage:


 PVC insulated shielding installation cables


In security systems, this can help prevent false alarms generated by interference.

For audio applications, shielding can help reduce noise and static in the projected sound.


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PVC Insulated Shielding Installation Wire

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