GE introduces smart LED bulbs to help you sleep

March 06, 2021

GE introduced the CbyGE family of products, a set of four, two CSleep bulbs and two CLife bulbs. The two bulbs have different characteristics and correspond to different functions.

CSleep has three settings: corresponding to the morning, noon and evening light, which simulates the sun to produce melatonin, which helps sleep. The light bulb will glow in the morning, giving you normal light during the day and warm amber light in the evening. The other CLife is a monochrome light bulb that can synchronize the user's personal circadian rhythm with CSleep.

You can control a single light bulb or a group of light bulbs through the App. Not only that, you can create multiple lighting scenes so you can get the atmosphere you want with just one click. App preset scenes include "get up", "sleep", "movie" and so on.

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