Gathering lighting will be unveiled at the 13th Hi-Tech Fair

September 08, 2019

On November 16, the "China Science and Technology Exhibition No. 1" - the 13th China International Hi-Tech Fair ("High-Tech Fair") will be opened in Shenzhen. As an "old friend" of the High-Tech Fair, it has been continuously Shenzhen Juzuo Lighting Co., Ltd., which has participated in the high-tech fair for many years, is preparing for the exhibition in an intense and orderly manner. It is understood that this gathering of lighting has booked the 60 square meters booth area of ​​the "New Energy and Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Exhibition" of Hall 1 of the High-Tech Fair, which will focus on LED light bulbs, intelligent sensor LED parking lot fluorescent lamps, LED tubes, LEDs. Indoor lighting products such as ceiling lamps and outdoor lighting products such as LED street lights and LED tunnel lights, the style of the booth with a modern and international style will be unveiled at the high-level fair site. The gathering will send a strong lineup to showcase the company and Product strength and brand influence.

It is understood that the concentration of lighting is a classic case of the domestic semiconductor lighting industry to enter Europe with the help of the high-tech fair platform. In June last year, Juzuo Industry was invited as a key exhibitor of the High-Tech Fair to participate in the overseas events of the High-Tech Fair in Israel and Hungary. Drawing on Israel's world-leading technology innovation experience, using Hungary's favorable geographical location in Europe, promoting the complementary development and cooperation between enterprises, it also brings market opportunities, bringing the company's development to a new level and building a communication platform for enterprises. "We attach great importance to the high-tech fair, through the high-profile exhibition and exchange platform of the high-tech fair, open up our international vision, enhance the global business philosophy, fully grasp the market opportunities, promote exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win development. "The person in charge of the lighting is told to the reporter.

In 2003, the LED products entered the Japanese market. At present, LED indoor lighting fixtures have been sold in more than 700 large chain stores in Japan. More than 80% of the company's products are exported to Japan, the United States, and Europe, and have strong competitiveness in the high-end market at home and abroad. As a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the technology, design, R&D, production and sales of LED new light source terminal products, LED driver power research and development, optical design, heat dissipation structure design, mold development, LED lamp research and development, intelligent design, System integration and other aspects have accumulated the core technology and rich experience in manufacturing process, and realized the high-end customers' comprehensive requirements for high-quality LED application products. The concentrated lighting has deep sedimentation, has a standard manufacturing plant with modern manufacturing, R&D and production bases, and introduces advanced lighting production lines and LED lighting products production experiments and testing equipment.

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