From the AR window to the car assistant, the future car technology inventory

January 22, 2021

There will be a technological revolution in the automotive field. How much is it expected? The industry generally believes that the car will change more in the next 20 years than it was in the 107 years since its invention. In this revolution, what new and cool new technologies will we see?

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Augmented reality windshield


As early as 1988, GM brought a head-up display to its own products for the first time, allowing drivers to see the car's readings more intuitively. With the help of augmented reality technology, the car's entire windshield can become a huge head-up display. By connecting to the sensors on the car, we can not only see all kinds of data on the windshield, but also get more road conditions.

Specifically, the infrared camera can scan the road to enhance what the driver sees through the windshield, such as road signs, pedestrians, or animals that suddenly hit the road. By connecting to the camera outside the car, the windshield also provides 360-degree unobstructed view.

Biometric tracking


Under the influence of biometric technology, the car will continue to track the driver's physical condition. A steering wheel or seat belt can be used to detect heartbeat and breathing, and a dashboard camera can track your blinking frequency.

If the car thinks that the body of the car is fatigued, a warning message will be displayed on the windshield. If the driver's fatigue is no longer able to drive, the car will even drive to a safe position and automatically turn off.

Gesture control


The concept car has been love gesture control for ten minutes. This technology uses built-in sensors to detect various gestures performed by the driver and then converts them into control inputs. For example, if you want to turn on the radio, just leave the steering wheel with one hand and draw a radio knob in the air.

Smart connection

When your car becomes part of the Internet, it can use a variety of smart ways to help. For example, it can detect the amount of oil remaining in the tank and use it to calculate if they are enough to travel to their destination. If not, it scans the gas stations along the way and provides navigation.

In addition, when all cars are connected to a unified traffic management system, managers can control the traffic flow by changing the sequence of traffic lights, and the road conditions in the city will be greatly improved.



Damage to the body surface has always been a hassle for drivers, but after a few years, your car may have the ability to repair itself. Researchers have now developed a magical polyurethane composite coating that automatically repairs surface damage when exposed to UV light.

Zero gravity seat


NASA and Nissan have jointly developed a special seat that reduces driving fatigue. It is inspired by aerospace technology and provides a "neutral posture" similar to weightlessness to eliminate fatigue. Specifically, it can fundamentally change its structure to provide continuous production of the buttocks and reduce the load on the muscles and spine.

Ear protection

Mercedes developed an ear protection technology for its E-Class car. When the car senses an impending impact, it immediately plays a warning sound of up to 85 decibels through the speaker to trigger a “sound reflection” from the person inside the car. This warning sound can cause the contraction of the middle ear tibia muscle, which can shield the car from the greater noise generated by the impact of the car, thus protecting the ear.

Automatic charging car


Tesla recently showed off a snake-shaped automatic charger that she developed for self-driving cars. When the user is taken to the destination, the car will automatically drive back into the garage and wait for the charger to plug into its charging interface.

In addition, the UK is currently testing a road with wireless charging capability so that the electric car on which it is driving can be charged during driving.

In-vehicle virtual assistant


Nowadays we are used to virtual assistants on mobile devices, which can provide a variety of practical information in daily life. In the future, we can get help from virtual assistants through similar technologies while driving. If there is an incoming call or new information, the virtual assistant can display the relevant content directly on the windshield. Or when you get into the car, the car has turned on the air conditioner for you, so you can enjoy the cool or warmth at once.

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