Fluorine plastic cable production and its application

September 27, 2019

I. INTRODUCTION Fluoroplastics is a generic name for various fluoropolymers. It refers to a polymer obtained by self-polymerization of fluorine-containing monomers or copolymerization with other fluorine-free materials. Since fluoroplastics have excellent electrical properties, thermal stability and mechanical and physical properties, they are suitable for use as wire and cable. In order to facilitate everyone to further understand the fluoroplastic cable and help in the future work, the fluorine plastic cable and its market application are briefly introduced.

Second, the characteristics of fluorine plastic cable Relative to the common polyethylene polyvinyl chloride cable, fluorine plastic cable has the following outstanding features:

1, high temperature resistant fluorine plastic has extraordinary thermal stability, making fluorine plastic cable can adapt to 150 ~ 200 degrees high temperature environment, and common polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride cable is only suitable for 70 ~ 90 degrees of work environment. In addition, under the condition of the conductor with the same cross-section, the fluoroplastic cable can transmit more allowable current, which greatly improves the use of the cable. Because of this unique performance, fluoroplastic cables are commonly used in aircrafts, naval vessels, and high-temperature furnaces. As well as the internal wiring and lead wires of electronic devices.

2. Good flame retardancy Fluoroplastics have a high oxygen index, and the flame diffusion range is small when burning, resulting in less smoke. The cables made of them are suitable for places with strict flame retardance requirements, such as computer networks, subways, vehicles, high-rise buildings and other public places. Once a fire occurs, people can have a certain amount of time to escape without being smothered by thick smoke. To valuable rescue time.

3. Excellent electrical performance Relative to polyethylene, the dielectric constant of fluoroplastics is lower. Therefore, compared with the coaxial cable with the same structure, the attenuation of the fluoroplastic cable is smaller, and it is more suitable for high-frequency signal transmission. The increasing frequency of use of cables has become a trend. At the same time, since fluoroplastics are resistant to high temperatures, they are often used as the jumpers and video/audio lines between the internal wiring of transmission communication equipment, wireless transmission feeders and transmitters. In addition, the fluorine plastic cable has good dielectric strength and insulation resistance and is suitable for the control cable of important instrumentation equipment.

4, mechanical and chemical properties Perfect fluorine plastic chemical bond energy is high, with a high degree of stability, almost free of temperature changes, with excellent weathering resistance and mechanical strength; but not all kinds of acids, alkalis and organic solvents Impact, so it applies to large environmental and climatic changes, corrosive occasions, such as petrochemical, oil refining, oil well equipment control.

5, to facilitate the welding connection In the electronic equipment, there are a lot of wiring is used to connect the welding method, because the general plastic melting temperature is low, easy to melt at high temperatures, the need for skilled welding technology, and some solder joints must have a certain The welding time also became a reason for the popularity of fluoroplastic cables, such as the internal wiring of communication equipment and electronic instruments.

6. The price of fluoroplastic raw materials is high, and cable production is difficult. Therefore, the production cost is high and the selling price is naturally high. This also limits the application of the product. However, because of this, it requires fewer manufacturers and requires the use of fluoroplastic cables. The customer will not be too concerned about the price factor.

Third, fluorine plastic cable types and uses There are a variety of fluorine plastic can be used as cable insulation. According to the current market situation, the common fluorine plastic cable is fluorine-46 (FEP) cable. Fluorine-46 is the abbreviation of polyfluorinated ethylene propylene, also known as FEP. It is a kind of excellent fluorine plastic. The maximum continuous working temperature can reach 200 degrees, the short-term use temperature can reach 260 degrees, the oxygen index is greater than 95, almost It is inflammable, and has a low dielectric constant, a low dielectric loss tangent, and almost no change in electrical properties over a wide range of temperature variations. Moreover, it can be used to make cables using a method similar to polyethylene extrusion, so it is welcomed by all parties. .

Fluorine plastic cables can be made into two types of solid insulation. Among them, physical foamed fluoroplastic cables have been produced and used abroad. In the domestic development process, the fluoroplastic cable we usually refer to usually refers to solid fluoroplastics. cable.

There are three common forms of fluoroplastic cables: single-core cable, coaxial cable, multi-core cable 1, single-core cable or high-temperature wire, whose structure is that the inner conductor is single or multiple stranded copper wire (tinned copper wire). Conductor diameter is 0.4 ~ 2.0MM, insulation is fluorine plastic, insulation layer thickness of 0.3 ~ 0.5MM, often used as aviation wire, electrical and electronic equipment wiring and lighting lines for special occasions.

2. The inner conductor of the coaxial cable is a single or multi-stranded copper lead (tin-plated copper-silver-copper wire) with a diameter of 1.25-1.6mm. There are three types of insulation: A. Fluoroplastic insulation, with a thickness of 0.5-0.7MM. Fluorine plastic foam insulation, thickness of 2.5 ~ 3.0MM, C, fluorine plastic and polyethylene combined insulation, that is, the inner layer of fluoroplastic insulation, the outer layer of polyethylene insulation, which fluorine plastic thickness of 0.04 ~ 0.07MM. It is worth mentioning that the coaxial cable of fluorine plastic and polyethylene combined insulation combines the advantages of product performance and material cost, and it is worth promoting. This type of cable is often used as a connection cable for RF cables and electronic devices.

3, multi-core cable Single core wire or coaxial cable twisted together, easy to multi-core cable. There are twisted pairs and non-twisted pairs, which are used for industrial computer control and automatic instrumentation equipment control. For special occasions, Category 5 and Category 5 cables, data transmission, audio and video transmission, etc., also use this fluorine plastic. cable.

It should be pointed out that fluoroplastic cables have different sheathing types. Fluorine plastic sheaths are usually used in high temperature working environments and special environments. When only the electrical performance is required and the ambient temperature is normal, low-halogen halogen flame retardant PVC can be used. Sheathing, which can greatly reduce production costs and increase product market competitiveness.

Fourth, the direction of market operations For the factory market information, the fluorine plastic cable is an extension of existing products. Because of its excellent high-frequency dielectric properties and heat-resistant flame-retardant properties, this cable can be used in computer local area networks and radio frequency signal transmission. We can understand whether customers have this requirement in contact with customers. According to U.S. safety requirements, PE or PVC-insulated cables must be inserted into the metal pipe when installed in the indoor pressure ventilation layer, and the fluorine plastic cable can be directly installed, which has the advantages of beauty, safety, and flexible wiring. This can be used in high-end office space. These products include distribution lines, telephone lines, data transmission lines, and so on. Obviously, elevators and fire control cables are more suitable for use with fluoroplastic cables.

In 1997, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications had established the "Radio Frequency Coaxial Cable for Digital Offices" standard. The cable specified in this standard is a combination of fluoroplastic and polyethylene for the transmission of wiring in digital offices for the transmission of telephones, data, and televisions. In communication services or other communication equipment using similar technologies, therefore, communication equipment manufacturers and electronic equipment manufacturers are the focus of our market work.

In addition to being used as a high-temperature wire and well logging cable, fluoroplastic cables have been increasingly used in industrial automation control. In high temperature environments such as metallurgy, petrochemical, and power stations, the use of fluoroplastic cables is a good choice.

In addition, fluoroplastic cables can be widely used in general wiring in high-rise buildings, underground shopping malls, tunnels, hotels, and hospitals due to their flame retardance and low smoke during combustion.

It can be seen that the market of fluorine plastic wire and cable is broad, and we believe that with the joint efforts of all, we can discover more market highlights.

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