Five magical robots enjoy: six-foot robot speed of 32 kilometers per hour

September 16, 2020

The development of science and technology is really a thousand miles, and our lives are changing due to technology. Have you ever thought that in the future, you can perform precise treatment without surgery, and you can know the condition inside your body without enduring pain, and this is becoming a reality.

US scientists invented a six-foot fast-running robot with a speed of 32 kilometers per hour (photo)

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on May 12, scientists at the Robotic Unlimited Company of the Florida Institute of Human and Machine Identification (IHMC) developed a robot that runs on the legs. The robot can run on different grounds by rotating its 6 legs at speeds of up to 32 kilometers per hour.

This robot is called OutRunner. Scientists said that they were inspired by nature and designed the robot by copying the movement patterns of the legged animals. By utilizing the elastic effect, Outrunner maintains stability and balance on the move without the need for expensive sensors and complex control computing systems.

RoboticsUnlimited is raising funds for the production of OutRunner. The company said: "This robot has the power that other robots don't have, and it's very easy to play. Customers can control it as they like with just one accelerator."

According to reports, Outrunner may be the world's first robot running on the legs for commercial use. In addition, OutRunner is very energy efficient, with an energy storage system in its legs that converts kinetic energy from running into other energy.

Now customers can book the OutRunner robot in advance, a core model of 299 US dollars (about 1862 yuan), battery available for 1 hour, the top speed of 16 kilometers per hour. The other is a performance mode of 799 US dollars (about 4,976 yuan), the battery can be used for 2 hours, faster, using a powerful brushless motor. Both of these models will be delivered in mid-2015.

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