Entering medical applications, Apple iPhone becomes Eye-Phone

May 28, 2020

Entering medical applications, Apple iPhone becomes Eye-Phone

Now you can also call Apple ’s iPhone “Eye-Phone” because a group of children ’s ophthalmologists are using the phone to carry out a global operation to prevent an eye disease that may be premature; This disease can cause blindness in patients without timely treatment.

The iPhone can be applied to this function in the medical field, I am afraid that Steve Jobs or most people did not expect it; but a group of doctors specializing in children ’s ophthalmology (retina) in India and other places said that when they use tele-opthalmology ) To treat a disease called ReTInopathy of Prematurity (RoP), I found that iPhone is the best platform with both safety and functionality.

Anand Vinekar, a doctor at Narayana Nethralaya, an Indian research institute for ophthalmology, said that infants with low birth weight are a high-risk group suffering from RoP. Although this disease is curable, it must be mastered in prime time so as not to cause lifelong Make up for blindness. However, in developing countries, such as India, where the economy is weak, thousands of children suffer blindness every year because of lack of medical resources and insufficient knowledge of the people.

Now, relevant medical institutions can send laboratory assistants to remote areas to take photos of retinas of sick premature babies and send the files to ophthalmologists thousands of miles away via broadband network; these ophthalmologists use iPhone To receive those photo blocks, and can use the phone ’s enlarged pictures and other functions to determine whether those babies need immediate assistance.

"We need a standardized platform, and the iPhone proves to be the best one; there are too many other GSM mobile phone models, and the functions are also different. Taking Nokia as an example, the brand has too many models, and some functions are not What we need, so we easily achieved the purpose of standardization through the iPhone. "Vinekar said.

Vinekar pointed out that the iPhone ’s large screen, high resolution and drawing functions provide the high-quality images required by doctors, and can safely create and upload patient data through easy-to-use software; this is designed for RoP treatment. The software was developed by i2i TelesoluTIons, a new company founded by Sham Banerji, a senior executive of the former Texas Instruments India branch.

During his tenure at TI, Banerji led his team to develop the first DSP designed in India. He said that the iPhone ’s distinctive touch drag and zoom function and high resolution are the main reasons why ophthalmologists feel very suitable for such medical applications.

In India alone, thousands of children suffer from blindness every year. With the efforts of Vinekar and others and the sponsorship of the Indian government, it is hoped that the number of blind children will be reduced. Currently, Vinekar and a group of doctors from other countries are collaborating with governments and NGOs in various countries to use the iPhone in combination with broadband networks to rescue premature babies facing blindness worldwide.

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