Entering Irlt: a "lighting revolution" of disruptive products

January 23, 2021

[Text / high-tech LED Xu Chaopeng] "revolution"? What is "revolution"?

“The really subversive product is the 'revolution'.” The general manager of Yi Erte told Gaogong LED. A few days ago, what Ilt Electronics was doing was something like the "revolution" of lighting.

It is understood that from the beginning of the establishment of the company, Shenzhen Yierte Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been striving to solve the problem of high temperature scalding of LED lamps. After years of painstaking research, it has successfully overcome this problem and become an industry capable of solving the high temperature of LED products. One of the R&D and manufacturing companies with hot problems.

“We have an ideal to make the best LED lamps in the world. Therefore, through our proprietary technology developed over the years, Ilter has initially achieved the corporate goal of not being hot, more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly. Thus, the development of the LED lighting industry has been upgraded to a new page." Peak mentioned.

According to the peak introduction, the current Yi Erte series of products can achieve high temperature and hot, positive lighting effect is more than 150lm / w, maximum luminous efficiency of 180lm / w, at the same time, can also ensure a life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours. When replacing traditional lighting fixtures, energy efficiency can be increased by 40%-60%, thereby achieving the "lighting revolution" of LED lighting products.

“In June 2014, we signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with Abbeydorney Holdings Ltd. of Canada. Abbeydorney spent US$5 million to assist and support us in declaring LED global PCT technology patents and obtaining CSA and DCL certification. "The introduction of the peak, after this, Abbeydorney's cooperation with Eilte has been fully launched, and various patented products have also appeared.

Compared with the current global LED products, the significant advantages of Yierte's LED lighting products are as follows:

First, through the proprietary technology and patents, the LED lamps are not hot and hot, thus scientifically solving the major problems of low life and high light decay caused by high temperature ironing of LED lamps.

Secondly, while the LED lamp is not hot and hot, it can also significantly improve the light efficiency of the product, which is 20%-50% higher than the lighting products of the same.

Third, through the application of its own patented technology, the history of high-temperature hot LED lamps is gone forever, and the secondary energy-saving can be realized with or without the use of non-ferrous metal heat-dissipating materials such as aluminum alloy.

Fourth, Yierte's latest digital LED driver power supply can realize remote control and digital dimming through AC carrier, thus achieving digital and intelligent control of LED energy-saving lighting.

“All in all, in the later development process, we will also focus on the development goals of high-tech, internationalization and intelligence, and raise the overall standard of LED lamps to a new level, energy efficiency, light efficiency, etc. At the forefront of the industry, thus gradually occupying the technological commanding heights of the industry, opening up more new chapters in the LED lighting industry." Peak finally mentioned.

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