Dynamic: Yangzhou City issued policies to support LED and solar energy

January 30, 2019

The registered capital limit of LED and solar photovoltaic enterprises, non-monetary property such as proprietary technology and intangible assets can be invested as the capital, and the capital contribution can account for up to 70% of the total registered capital.

According to the newly-released support measures, the limited liability company and the registered capital of the company incorporated in the company may be put in place in phases. The initial capital contribution shall not be less than 20% of the registered capital, and the rest will be paid within two years from the date of establishment of the company.

In addition, Yangzhou City encourages all types of personnel to invest in the establishment of LED and solar photovoltaic enterprises, encourage all types of capital to enter the industry, support Fortune 500 companies, multinational companies to set up LED, photovoltaic industry regional headquarters or R & D center; for the bid for LED and solar energy Photovoltaic enterprises shall implement barrier-free registration. If the application materials are complete and conform to the statutory form, they shall be registered on the spot. If the conditions are met, the business license shall be issued on the spot.

solar &wind hybrid street lighting system have prominent advantages of compact design, energy saving and self-powering. In this system, wind turbine are complemented by solar power in supplying power for Led Lamp , as to its hybrid characteristics, which could provide a balance.It's advantages is that if rainy days,cannot use the sun power,then the wind power can work instead.It applies to the place where wind power is strong.

Solar Wind Hybrid Street Light

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