Domestic aluminum substrate brand manufacturers will be unveiled at 2013 Gaogong LED Lighting Exhibition

April 07, 2020

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Zhu Chunwei] Aluminum substrate as the most active segment of LED accessories, has been concerned by all aspects, the market growth rate is also the fastest in all aspects of the industry chain.

At present, LED aluminum substrates are used in almost all lighting applications such as commercial lighting, indoor lighting, and outdoor lighting. Especially in terms of indoor lighting, the market explosion in 2013 was significant, stimulating the market demand for aluminum substrates.

A number of aluminum substrate companies in charge of the reporter interviewed reporters told reporters that this year's market growth is much better than expected, basically a jump growth trend.

The rise of a number of domestically-made excellent LED aluminum substrate companies, such as Yuanda Electronics, Confucian Electronics, and Heding Circuit, has effectively reduced the cost of the entire LED luminaire while providing cost-effective accessories for downstream enterprises.

However, we must also see that the price war in the domestic aluminum substrate market is also one after another. The vicious price competition leads to the meager profit of the company, and the lack of developmental stamina and potential is worrying.

From November 25th to 27th, 2013, as the largest LED lighting professional exhibition in the second half of this year, 2013 Gaogong LED Lighting Exhibition carefully selected several domestic aluminum substrates to represent the brand manufacturers in the LED lighting industry chain. Regardless of the technology of high thermal insulation layer of Yuanda Electronics, Confucian Electronics can meet the ultra-high-conductivity aluminum substrate required for high-end packaging technology such as COB, high-power SMD LED, or the special structural board of Heding Circuit and Kay, which pays attention to product quality. Brands such as Chen Electronics, Benchuang Electronics, etc. will present different exciting experiences for professional buyers.

On the evening of November 26th, at the 2013 Gaogong Golden Globe Awards on-site selection and awards ceremony, Yuanda Electronics, Confucian Electronics, and Heding Circuit will also represent the aluminum substrate industry for the LED Substrate Golden Globe Award.

“In the aluminum substrate industry, most companies are doing low-end homogenization products, lacking their own core technologies, and still in simple processing.” Liu Wei, chairman of Yuanda Electronics, believes that a company must have In order to survive in the fierce market competition, our own technology and product positioning.

The unique positioning of the high-tech LED lighting exhibition is to provide a platform for the LED lighting supply chain and lighting brand.

2013 Gaogong LED Lighting Exhibition Aluminum Substrate Exhibitor (as of November 1, 2013)

Exhibitors position number
Yuanda Electronics 1E05 Yuanda Electronics will participate in the 2013 High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition with a new aluminum substrate
Confucianism 1F09 Cost-effective aluminum substrate brand Confucian Electronics will be unveiled at 2013 Gaogong LED Exhibition
Heding circuit 1B07 LED aluminum-based circuit board professional manufacturer Heding circuit will be unveiled at the high-tech LED exhibition
Bentron Electronics 2F50 Benchuang Electronics will bring double-sided aluminum substrate and aluminum-based circular plate to the 2013 High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition
Kaichen Electronics 2M13 Kaichen Electronics will bring all the aluminum substrates to the 2013 High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition

More exhibitors will be subject to the opening of the high-tech LED lighting on November 25th.

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